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Last Updated on February 21, 2023

AlignerCo Review: Do These Cheap Clear Aligners Really Work?

AlignerCo review: Is it too good to be true?


Having perfectly straight teeth is a cue society tells us; Our general success in life, the jobs we get, the way people treat us is indeed dependent on the aesthetics of our smiles.

Since many teeth straightening methods are exorbitantly priced, it becomes a problem as not everyone is born with perfectly straight teeth. Is it fair? No. But sometimes, it’s just the way things are.

That’s why many people are looking for a convenient way to straighten their teeth that is also affordable, discreet, and effective. Does it sound like you? If yes, then treatment with AlignerCo is what you must consider.

With at-home clear aligners that are truly invisible, AlignerCo offers one of the most convenient and affordable teeth-straightening methods on the market. To help you make an informed decision about straightening your teeth and to fill you in on everything you need to know, we’ve written this AlignerCo review. This includes:

  • How much does AlignerCo cost?
  • What’s the treatment time?
  • Is it safe?

What Is AlignerCo?



Let’s do a little refresher on clear aligners (sometimes called invisible braces) before we dive into the specifics of AlignerCo. For people who want to straighten their teeth without the inconvenience and discomfort that comes with traditional metal braces, clear aligners are the solution.

Besides the aesthetic downsides of braces, sores and cuts in the gums and cheeks developed from being scratched and caught by the metal brackets is a familiar incident to anyone who’s ever had traditional braces. In comes clear aligners; a discreet and successful way to straighten teeth. They are removable and made from plastic. You can simply file the edges until they are smooth if the top edges of the aligners cut into your gums if that happens.

There are two main kinds of this teeth-straightening method since the world of invisible braces has evolved so much: In-office and at-home. Until your treatment is done, in-office aligners require initial consultations with your orthodontist and then frequent check-ins thereafter. Invisalign is the most well-known brand of in-office braces, although popping up with frequency are other brands like ClearCorrect.

In contrast to Invisalign, AlignerCo lets you straighten your teeth from home, completely. Taking time out from your schedule to go see a dentist or orthodontist is a thing of the past with AlignerCo. From ordering your impression kit to actual treatment with aligners to post-care with retainers, you can complete the entire process from the comfort of your home.

So how does it work? Here’s a closer look at the teeth-straightening process of AlignerCo.




How Does AlignerCo Work?


An eligibility assessment begins the AlignerCo process.

From home, how could you possibly straighten your teeth? If something goes wrong, what happens? We think you’ll find that AlignerCo provides some pretty good answers to these excellent and important questions.



The AlignerCo Process


To let you know right away if you’re a good candidate for this sort of treatment, you get to take the super easy, super fast assessment before you begin treatment with AlignerCo. You can officially start once you’ve taken the assessment and get the green light to go ahead.

    • Step 1: To order your impression kit online is the first step. A special molding putty that you fit inside of mouth-shaped trays is included in your impression kit. Impressions of your teeth are taken with the use of these trays. These impressions are then sent to your AlignerCo orthodontist. You can contact their customer service 24/7 or schedule a video chat appointment if you need help taking your impressions.
    • Step 2: Your orthodontist creates a personalized treatment plan, consisting of a series of aligners that will gradually align your teeth, using your molds.
    • Step 3: A detailed treatment plan and easy-to-follow instructions will be received in the mail together with your aligners. Until your treatment is done and your teeth straight, you’ll begin with the first aligner and change aligners every two weeks. During this time, an orthodontist will remotely monitor your treatment.
    • Step 4: You need to wear retainers at night for the rest of your life, as with any type of orthodontics, in-office, at-home, invisible, or metal, to make sure your teeth stay in their straight position. With AlignerCo, your first set of retainers is included when you order your aligners, unlike with some other brands.


AlignerCo Braces  Treatment Time



Treatment time with AlignerCo aligners usually take from six months to one year. You’ll be closer to the six-month mark if you require only very mild adjustments, whereas a year for those requiring more extensive treatment.


You’ll need to wear your aligners for 20-22 hours per day during this treatment time; weather or not you wear your aligners for the prescribed time is where the success of your treatment entirely depends on. The treatment process could be delayed by not doing so. Unless the orthodontist who is monitoring your care instructs you to wear it longer, you’ll wear each aligner for two weeks before switching tot your new aligner. 


Who Is AlignerCo For?


For anyone who wants to straighten their teeth safely and for the most affordable price available, AlignerCo is for you. You must also meet the following criteria to be a candidate for AlignerCo:


  • Teeth crowding, spacing or bite misalignment issues is only mild to moderate (not severe)
  • Be 14 years of age or older
  • After getting an implant, waited for at least three months




How Much AlignerCo Braces Cost?

With the goal of making straight teeth and beautiful smiles accessible to everyone, The founders of AlignerCo has set out to offer some of the most affordable aligners on the market.


AlignerCo offers three ways to pay:


  • SmileAdvantage: Included in this plan worth $1,145 are your impression kit and your aligners and set of retainers. You can use promo code SAVE200 to get $200 off this plan, reducing the cost to just $945, right now!
  • SmileFlex: With this plan’s cost of $1,320, you pay in installments of $110 every month for the next 12 months.
  • SmileFlexEasy: In this plan, with a downpayment of $275, you just pay $95 per month for 11 months which is a total of $1,320

For the SmileFlex plan, AlignerCo only accepts Visa and MasterCard Credit, while the SmileFlexEasy plan accepts all major forms of payment.


How is AlignerCo different than other brands?

There are  many options to choose from for someone looking for a discreet way to straighten their teeth. In some very important ways, some brands like AlignerCo try to differentiate themselves with your run-of-the mill aligners. AlignerCo is different from other  brands in the following important ways:

  • Affordability: AlignerCo, ofe of the cheapest brands on the market, is just priced  $1,145
  • Orthodntist supervision: AlignerCo works with just orthodontists to plan your treatment wile many brands work with both orthodontists and dentists. Because orthodontists are dentists who go on to specialize in teeth straightening, this is important.
  • Online video chat: If you need help taking your impressions, AlignerCo offers an online video chat option.


Should I get AlignerCo?

You’ll have to decide if AlignerCo is the best teeth aligner option for you, ultimately. This brand is recommended for anyone who:

  • Wants to straighten teeth discreetly
  • Wants to straighten teeth from home
  • Is looking for the best price
  • Wants to work exclusively with an orthodontist
  • Values customer service

How do I get started?

Your AlignerCo journey could get started today. To find out if you’re a candidate, all you have to do is take their assessment. You can go ahead and order your impression kit and aligners online if it turns out you are.



Experience the benefits yourself!

AlignerCo may just be the best option for you if you’re looking for an affordable, safe, and effective way to straighten your teeth. You know you’re getting the best care as they only work with orthodontists for your treatment monitoring while being one of the cheapest brands on the market.


How long does AlignerCo treatment take?

It all depends on the level of teeth straightening you need, AlignerCo treatment can take fewer than 6 months and up to 1 month.


Does AlignerCo work?

This treatment option should absolutely work for you if you have mild to moderate malocclusion and is approved by the orthodontists at AlignerCo. Your treatment success, however, will be highly contingent on whether or not you wear your aligners for the prescribed amount of time every day (between 20 and 22 hours), as with any at-home braces. Continued success will require wearing your retainers during the day for the first few months and then only at night for the rest of your life after treatment.


Is AlignerCo safe?

As long as you follow instructions, AlignerCo treatment is definitely safe. The aligners themselves bring FDA-approved is a definite plus!


Is AlignerCo legit?

At times, the legitimacy of many at-home braces and DIY treatments can be a rather gray area, that’s not the case with AlignerCo, in our opinion. For one of the lowest prices on the market, it really can help you get straighter teeth. As they work exclusively with orthodontists to plan and monitor your treatment, it is ensured that AlignerCo is legit. Because orthodontists have specialized training in teeth straightening, they can provide even better care than dentists who haven’t specialized in orthodontics, and this is important.

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