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Last Updated on February 20, 2023

ALIGNERCO Review: Honest Review With Proofs

AlignerCo review: Is it too good to be true?


Most of the direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands out there offer fairly similar products when it comes to home aligner technology.

Unique features such as quicker treatment times, free retainers or whitening products, or in-person consultations with trained clinicians differentiate some companies from the competition. The AlignerCo. treatment time takes around three months to 12 months. It is also suitable to treat mild to moderate malocclusion. We feel the Aligner Co aligner treatment is perfect for teeth straightening and is best to get started with as they also provide great customer support.

It is much better than traditional braces, though traditional braces are much cheaper, we prefer AlignerCo. They also offer a monthly plan of 95$ for 11 months, which is an affordable option we feel.

Rock-bottom pricing for clear aligners or invisible aligners orthodontic treatment is what sets AlignerCo apart from the rest. Will Aligner Co-work for you?
It might.

Should you try AlignerCo?


Before considering AlignerCo as an option for straightening your teeth, as with every teeth aligner company, we recommend that you read our review and all the info you can find online.

Here in our 100%-honest review, we explain why you should consider trying AlignerCo set of aligners.

**If you live in Europe, the best is Straight My Teeth**

AlignerCo: An Honest Opinion 



Developed by DENTSPLY Raintree Essix, Inc., AlignerCo aligners are made with an FDA-approved​ plastic (the clearest of the market, according to them). Ordering the kit and getting started right when you want to is possible since the company seems to offer a very basic and easy-to-obtain​ invisible​ teeth aligner product which they ship directly to customers, so there’s no need for any in-person consultations or trips to the dental office.

Having started in early 2019, AlignerCo is a relative newcomer to the clear aligner market​. Though it could take a little time yet for more people to try AlignerCo, the few but​ verified​ online reviews have highlighted how they seem to offer an excellent, straightforward experience​ at a minimal price (actually, the lowest treatment price on the market).



AlignerCo Review: Price



A one-time price of $1145 offers a complete treatment course (with alternative financing plans, as explained below)



Average treatment time of 6-10 months



Everywhere in America


Overal Experience

               A positive experience about treatment with AlignerCo has been shared by its users


How AlignerCo Works: Your Treatment Step-By-Step


  •  Take the free online assessment
  • ●  Order your treatment based on the payment plan preferred
  • ●  With the materials included in the AlignerCo kit sent to you, take your first set of teeth impressions and pictures of your smile, and send the kit back to the company
  • ●  Receive your AlignerCo home aligners in the mail
  • ●  Wear your clear aligners for 20-22 hours per day, you need to wear them for teeth alignment and if you want to straighten your teeth.
  • ●  Switch to a new home aligner every two weeks
  • ●  To maintain your tooth position after your treatment with quality aligners is complete, wear your retainers as directed by an orthodontist


Final Results: AlignerCo Before & After



AlignerCo is either so new or so little-known that there just aren’t too many reviews out there to go by.Up to this point, there are a few reliable reviews for AlignerCo teeth aligners. You can usually find tons on Google, YouTube, and Yelp for other similar clear aligner companies.

However, like most other clear aligner systems, you can probably expect to see results in as little as six months.


How Much Does AlignerCo Cost?


Ultra-low prices​ are the biggest draw of AlignerCo.
For one ​
flat price of $1145​, you can have your own teeth aligners from AlignerCo. Your eyes are not failing you – for only over $1000 you can get clear aligners from AlignerCo. They also provide great customer service. We feel these are perfect to straighten your teeth. Wearing your aligners for 10 hours-22 hours is a must for straighter teeth without any discomfort. You should remove your aligner before eating and drinking to avoid stains.
The SmileAdvantage Plan, which is what the price is called, includes:

l Impression Kit
l All the needed aligners
l Post-treatment retainers
l Dentists or orthodontists prescription
l Shipping
l A free treatment consultation online

AlignerCo offers a breathing room if you don’t want to part with the full price upfront with the ​SmileFlex Plan.For just $110 a month for 12 months, it comes with all the features above.
Wondering if you are a candidate for AlignerCo? Then you may avail of the ​
KitFirst Plan for only ​$39.99 for just the impression kit.If you find out you qualify for the AlignerCo, you may move on with the other payment plans offered. However, if you do not qualify, the payment for the KitFirst Plan will not be refunded. In addition to accepting cards, AlignerCo offers an impressive array of payment options including PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, and GooglePay. You can also buy AlignerCo teeth aligners with your HSA or FSA. If you don’t have a card connected with your account, They’ll give you a receipt you can use for reimbursement. You can also choose the SmileFlex easy plan which includes 11 monthly payments of $95. The average time can be 6 months-11 months.

Worried that after paying the full price upfront, taking your impressions, you find out that you’re not a good candidate for AlignerCo?




3 Easy Steps!

smilelove 3 steps


The Company Will Refund The Entire Price

If, however, you learned that you qualify, order your treatment plan, and decide that you don’t want to push through with the aligners, AlignerCo will refund the entire price ​less the fee for the impression kit.
Another good thing, if you aren’t satisfied with the results even after finishing the entire treatment plan, the company will make a genuine effort to keep working with you.


smilelove treatment preview


Get AlignerCo At Home

The bottom line, if you are looking for a no-frills clear aligner experience for the best price, AlignerCo looks like a solid company compared with other options. ​Get the facts and find out how you can order their inexpensive aligners by visiting the AlignerCo website​. Great customer service is something people like about this brand.

Remember to leave a detailed review that can help someone else if you do give AlignerCo a try! They make sure that you straighten your teeth from the comfort of home. Many people have this burning question Will AlignerCo work? The answer is Yes. 

In making a smart decision for straightening your teeth, we hope our AlignerCo reviews helped!

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