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Last Updated on January 16, 2021


Best Denture Adhesives: Brutally honest review


In this dental adhesives review, I’m going to show you the best on the markets right now!

You have dentures and the LAST thing you want is for them to fall, and dental adhesive will make sure they won’t. Also if you have a loose denture, a high quality adhesive will also do wonders.

More and more people choose to get denture instead if implants, simply because implants are way too expensive. One of the downside of dentures is sometimes they don’t fit perfectly, and this is why you need denture adhesive that doesn’t have an ill fitting.

Like most other products out there, it can be hard to determine which product is the best for your needs. This is why we created this denture adhesives review, so this way you know which options are the best on the market right now!

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 What is denture adhesive?








 Denture adhesive is basically a type of glue. The denture adhesive work by gluing your dentures directly to your gums with the help of your saliva.








A denture adhesive is a type of glue that is made of water-soluble and non-toxic materials. The adhesive works by adhering or gluing your dentures to your gums with the aid of your saliva. That’s because your saliva helps to turn the adhesive into an elastic layer or membrane that will stick to both your gums and your dentures. Good denture adhesive will keep your dentures securely in place while improving the natural retention provided by a well-fitting denture. The purpose of using an adhesive is two-fold:
















  • Stop them from moving: Adhesives fix dentures to your gums securely, eliminating irritating movement and keeping them from falling off when you eat, speak, or laugh. 
  • Keep food out: Loose dentures let food get trapped between your dentures and your gums which can lead to irritation and pain.
















The Super Poligrip denture adhesive is a high quality adhesive made from Zinc-free formula, will help cushion your gums and prevent irritation from food particles, and will help seal out food particles.

    What is denture adhesive?


    Denture adhesive is basically a type of dental glue that will glue your dentures to your gums using your saliva! The higher the quality of the adhesive, the better they will be at keeping your dentures in place

    You really want to go with a high quality adhesive because the LAST thing that you want is your denture to fall all the time. It is quite cheap anyways so make sure to invest into the best ones.


    Types of denture adhesives


    There are 3 main types of denture adhesives. You have the adhesive strips, the denture adhesive powder, and you have denture adhesive cream!

    Adhesive strips are easy to apply  and are newer than the other options. They are quite easy to use; you simply need to peel off the pre-cut strips and apply them. You want to add a little bit of water on your adhesive strips in order for them to be adhesive. With adhesive strips, you are 100% that there won’t be a mess.

    Adhesive cream is the most used method when it comes to denture adhesive. You simply need to apply a small amount of cream under the denture in order to make it stick. Adhesive cream offers extra hold of the 3 methods.

    Adhesive is a less popular alternative. You simply need to apply a layer of powder under your dentures.

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        What to look for

        When shopping for denture adhesives, there are a few things you should really look for. The first thing you want to look for are the ingredients! If you can, try to find one made with a zinc free formula as it can cause nerve damage.

        Of course, you want to look at the price! You will notice most denture adhesive are quite cheap so we recommend you to go with the highest quality possible. You don’t want to buy something and then realize it just doesn’t work properly! Make sure to invest in a high quality brand.

        If you are looking for a good denture adhesive that is Zinc-free, then check out this one: 

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