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Last Updated on February 25, 2023

Best electric toothbrush with uv sanitizer

best electric toothbrush with uv sanitizer

Oral hygiene makes a huge difference. Clean, fresh breath can leave a great first impression. Whether you are going on a date, attending an interview, or joining an important business meeting, you will want to show your best smile for a major confidence boost.

Each minty breath starts with the right toothbrush. Now, electric toothbrushes dominate the industry as they are branded better than traditional toothbrushes. Among them, electric toothbrushes with UV sanitizer are shining through.

These electric toothbrushes are advertised to kill more bacteria and germs than regular electric toothbrushes. You need one in your sink cabinet for the best oral hygiene. If you are on the market to source the best electric toothbrush with UV sanitizer, you don’t want to miss out on these.

Best Electric Toothbrushes With UV Sanitizer

1. Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean Electric Toothbrush, White


  • Whiter teeth after just one week
  • Comes with travel case
  • 3 modes and pressure censor

When it comes to electric toothbrushes, the brand Philips automatically translates to ‘trustworthy’ and ‘reliable.’ This battery-powered toothbrush comes with a travel case that you can bring on a business trip or a vacation. Comes with 3 different modes, this Sonicare electric toothbrush guarantees remarkable results within a week, given that you follow all the instructions when using the device.

You can change the brush head for better shapes and functions. Adjust it to suit your sensitivity level. It accommodates people with sensitive teeth or other special needs. This intense Philip model can clean out stains from years ago and give a brand new look to your signature smile.

2. Philips Sonicare Advanced Whitening Edition Rechargeable Toothbrush, 4 Modes, 3 Intensities


  • Gentle and protects teeth
  • Timer
  • Travel case

Another pick from the Philips family. Focusing on its whitening functions, this Sonicare model does not compromise health over beauty. The toothbrush will gently cleanse any leftover stains and marks on your teeth without tempering with the inside.

Your teeth are left with a stunning white glow after just three weeks. This product prioritizes safety so you will not be permanently scarred with sensitive teeth, as many inferior toothbrushes tend to do.

Set the timer accordingly so the product can perform its best in reducing up to 99% of germs in your mouth. It also comes with a travel case so you can take it anywhere with you. Its compact size allows for more convenient storage if you are constantly moving around.

3. TEMEI Electric Toothbrush for Adults, Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush, 3 Modes with Smart Timer


  • Affordable
  • Turns a manual brush into an electric
  • Timer

At a mere fraction of the price, this TEMEI sonic toothbrush also makes magic in keeping your oral hygiene standards high. This TEMEI all-time famous electric toothbrush can turn any manual toothbrush into an electric one.

Using its unique high-power vibration system, this electric toothbrush can remove up to 10 times more plaque than your manual toothbrush without this external case. It has a smart brushing timer that sets a 2-minute countdown to let you keep track of time.

Users have praised this TEMEI product for allowing them to opt for any manual toothbrush they want instead of having to purchase fixed brush heads. Its vibrations are a bit stronger than the average electric toothbrush, so if you have sensitive teeth or have done any surgery, you should consult your dentist first before purchasing the product.

TEMEI Electric Toothbrush for Adults, Rechargeable Automatic Sonic Power Tooth Brush, 31000 VPM...

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4. Sonic Electric Toothbrushes for Adults, JTF Rechargeable Electronic Toothbrush with Travel Case


  • 40,000 head vibrations/ minute
  • Great for sensitive teeth
  • Fast-charge feature

Well known for its gentle cleaning, this Proalpha electric toothbrush uses a one-of-a-kind magnetic levitation with up to 40,000 brush head vibrations per minute. Despite its hard cleansing function, it is soft and gentle on the teeth, which is considered one of the best options for those with sensitive teeth.

Its stylish silver finishing with black shades makes it an influencer’s choice. A fashionable electric toothbrush lights up your bathroom tremendously and encourages you to take more care of your oral hygiene.

When you forget to charge your toothbrush, you can enjoy the fast-charge feature and rejuvenate this magic tool in just a few minutes with more than an hour’s usage. This is perfect for frequent travelers that struggle to have enough plugs in the room to charge all electronic devices or those that are forgetful about charging devices.

JTF Sonic Electric Toothbrush for Adults-Matt Black

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5. BOYUHII Electric Toothbrush FL-A12 Rechargeable Sonic Electric Toothbrush with UV Sanitizer


  • Stylish design
  • Budget-friendly
  • Impressive vibration technology

This BOYUHII model is modern and sleek. As an affordable and practical electric toothbrush, this rechargeable model adopts the advanced sonic cleaning technology that guarantees to remove nearly up to 100% of bacteria and germs.

BOYUHII’s sonic technology is impressive as users do not feel the intensity of the vibration. It feels like a feather is slowly touching the surface of your teeth. Yet, all the food gunk are instantly removed with the vibration.

When purchasing a sonic-technology product, make sure the vibration feels soft on your teeth. A lot of fake products that claim to be sonic are just hard vibrations that are harmful to your teeth. This BOYUHII model is certified to help you improve your oral hygiene with its well-orchestrated sonic care.

The UV sanitizer helps your toothbrush stay clean all the time. You don’t have to worry about having to constantly rinse and clean your toothbrush manually. It’s all been done for you, as simple as that.

6. Allegro Sonic Electric Toothbrush with Portable Travel UV Sanitizer&Drying Cup Kit


  • Smooth, slim design
  • Travel case
  • Long battery life

A lot of the electric toothbrushes with UV sanitizer available on the market are either too bulky or need to be charged frequently, making them an undesirable candidate for your vacation.

This Allegro Sonic Electric Toothbrush is introducing you to a whole new experience that will revolutionize the oral care game. The toothbrush itself is already a lot more travel-friendly than most of its competitors in the industry. It is tiny with a smooth grip at the end.

Together with the modern and transparent travel case, this Allegro model is every frequent traveler’s dream. You no longer have to compromise oral hygiene over travel convenience. Allegro is able to deliver the top ends of both experiences for you.

On top of that, this petite model also generates less noise than most other electric toothbrushes. Those that are bothered by the electric sound can happily brush their teeth in their shared accommodation at night without waking anyone up.

7. Mitimi Electric Toothbrush, Rechargeable Power Sonic Toothbrush


  • 5 brush heads
  • Timer
  • Powerful battery

For first-time electric toothbrush buyers, this Mitimi model is a fabulous choice. With just one button to push, everything is already set for you. The two-minute auto-timer will send out a reminder every 30 seconds so you will remember to change position and the area that you are brushing.

Change among the five brush heads and brush modes available for your best comfort. Some of the head brushes are harder to get rid of the gunk stuck in between the gaps. The shapes and softness are different as the functionality varies.

Its powerful battery means a full 4-hour charge can last for 21 days of normal usage. Ideally, you would want to pack an electric toothbrush this powerful with you when you take a business trip somewhere. There is no need to pack the charging cable with you.

What is an electric toothbrush with UV sanitizer?

The toothbrush history has all the glory in keeping us cheery and joyful about having a lovely smile. For an invention that has been around for 5 thousand years, it has evolved to many different forms today.

Unfortunately, traditional toothbrushes cannot effectively remove germs on the tooth’s surface. There are several reasons for that. First of all, most people are not brushing their teeth correctly. A manual toothbrush relies a lot on the user in order to carry out its duty. Wrong movements will not only make the whole brushing process useless, but it will also damage your teeth if you are using excessive force.

Secondly, a non-vibrating toothbrush cannot reach the tiny areas hidden deep between the teeth. Those secret gaps are filled with germs. As a result, people are more prone to diseases and rotten teeth as dirt builds up.

Sonic electric toothbrushes are well-endorsed by consumers because they have been clinically proven by experts, dentists, and authorities to be one of the most effective ways to safely clean every little gap between your teeth, even the ones that are traditionally impossible.

The vibration breaks the built-ups on your teeth into brushable particles that can be swept away by the toothbrush. In most cases, a vibrating toothbrush can clean areas that you are technically not brushing just with its vibrations.

There is no doubt that an electric toothbrush is better than a regular one. How about an electric toothbrush with UV sanitizer? Where does the UV part come in?

An electric toothbrush with UV sanitizer is marketed as a must-have household item. It is an effortless step to take to reduce the bacteria count in your mouth. One thing that has to be made clear is that a UV sanitizer is not meant to eradicate the germs on your teeth. It does not sterilize your mouth.

But that doesn’t mean a UV sanitizer is useless. Quite the contrary, it does fulfill its promises in upping your oral hygiene game. The purpose of the UV sanitizer is to reduce bacteria, so nothing awful gets brewed in your mouth.

Most people don’t realize that your normal toothbrush cannot effectively keep your mouth clean without additional effort. In time, your toothbrush will even get so dirty that the more you use it, the filthier your mouth gets.

This is when an electric toothbrush with UV sanitizer comes in handy. It automatically cleans the toothbrush so you are not rubbing your teeth against more germs. Dentists have proven the effectiveness and efficiency of UV sanitizer in maintaining healthy oral hygiene.

Tips on storing and keeping your electric toothbrush with UV sanitizer

Same as all electronic devices, you need to take more care of your electric toothbrush than your manual one. Electric toothbrushes are widely known to be versatile. They rarely get damaged. But that doesn’t mean they are indestructible nor that you don’t have to care for them.

– Store your brush in the dry

For starters, try to keep your electric toothbrush away from the moistest areas in the bathroom. Even though electric toothbrushes are waterproof, the heat and moist do wear them down faster than usual.

Avoid putting the electric toothbrush directly under the shower where it gets dripped on all the time. Place it in a cabinet and make sure you aren’t dripping water on it every time you wash your hands. Even if the water doesn’t cause harm to the device, it can be rather unhygienic to have water droplets on it all the time.

– Use a brush cap

To keep your electric toothbrush clean, place a cap back on it after usage each time. Toilet flushing, water residuals, particles from any bathroom activity contain millions of bacteria that can cause an infection. You do not want your toothbrush to be exposed to an environment like this.

If you have time and are neat about your electric toothbrush storage, you can dry it and put it back in the case each time for the best maintenance. Although it is not necessary, it will provide the best care so your electric toothbrush will last a long time.

– Protect the charging cable

Do not keep the charging cable in the bathroom. Charging cables are not as water-resistant as the electric toothbrush itself. The cable will get damaged from the moisture if it is put in the bathroom for a long period. You can charge the toothbrush in the bathroom but make sure you put the charging cable elsewhere afterward.

– Use a travel case

Always put the device in a travel case when you are transporting it. The travel case protects the toothbrush from shakes and shock. You don’t want your electric toothbrush to be bumping heads with other hard objects in your suitcase when it gets thrown around on planes and busses.

Finally, don’t forget to clean the travel case as well. Technically, the travel case is supposed to keep your electric toothbrush clean. But it is important that it stays clean itself. Clean the travel case at least once a week if you are using it daily. Or once a month if you are not a frequent user. Never neglect the importance of keeping your devices clean so they can support your oral hygiene excellently.

How to choose the right electric toothbrush with UV sanitizer for you?

Despite all the quality choices out there, not every single one of them will suit you. To begin with, you need to understand the purpose and your lifestyle. It sounds overwhelming having to consider this much just for a toothbrush, but it is necessary.

Electric toothbrushes are not the cheapest, and they carry different functions. For example, if you are a professional that frequently travels for work, you need a small electric toothbrush with long-lasting power that can fit into a compact travel case.

Even though you may need to sacrifice a few functions, given the size reduction, you are much better off traveling with a bulky device that is not made for long journeys as it can easily break in transport.

Also, although there are usually quite a few brush heads to switch, you still need to check out the specifications of the device that dominates the intensity of the vibration. In general, if you are sensitive teeth or are prone to oral-related health issues, you should choose a mild electric toothbrush that will not cause too much pressure on your teeth.

Check out the vibration rate and intensity level and consult your dentist about the recommended specifications for you. Electric toothbrushes with a deep-cleaning mode can easily whiten your teeth and remove the layer of dirt. However, it will come at a huge cost.

People with sensitive teeth often suffer from pain after using the wrong electric toothbrush because the vibration intensity level is so high that it damages the nerves. For those that have never used an electric toothbrush before, it is always smart to first ask your doctor about it.

Your healthcare professional should give you the most accurate information regarding your situation. All in all, electric toothbrushes are worth the investment for a brilliant set of shining teeth. You just have to be careful to choose the right brand and model for yourself.

If you experience any discomfort when using a model, stop immediately. Your conditions may change over time, so even a brand that you have been using for ten years can suddenly be not suitable anymore. It is never a good sign if you experience pain when brushing your teeth. Do not brush any harder, and get it checked out before you use an electric toothbrush again.


It is time to level up your oral hygiene game. An electric toothbrush is not enough to keep you germ-free anymore. Follow the above recommendations and get an electric toothbrush with UV sanitizer for the freshest breath you will ever experience.


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