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Last Updated on February 21, 2023


Bite Toothpaste Bits: Review Of Them


In this Bite Toothpaste bits review, you will find out if the hype is real, if there are better alternatives out there and if you should even spend money on toothpaste bits.


Tired of brushing your teeth twice per day? Then it might be time to try toothpaste bits! Even people with high quality toothbrush like the BURST (read our in depth review of it here) get tired of brushing their teeth sometimes and this is why the arrival on the market of toothpaste bits is a godsend.

The Product


Bite toothpaste bits are bite-sied little toothpaste tablets with the goal of replacing your regular toothpaste. Not only are they vegan, but they are super easy to use. Here are the 4 easy steps you need to do in order to use them; 1) bite down on your bit 2) Brush with a wet toothbrush 3) wait for it to foam 4) brush your teeth!

Contrary to what you are probably thinking, the ingredients of these toothpaste bits contain LESS CHEMICALS than regular toothpaste. Not only vegan, but they also avoided using artificial dyes, flavours and  cheap fillers.

As much as we like their products, we do find them overpriced a little bit. Here are a few cheaper options with super good quality.

#1 Hello Activated Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste Tablet Bits



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Instead of buying BITE Toothpaste bits, you can try Hello Toothpaste tablets. They are fluoride, great while traveling, and have a very unique fresh mint flavor.

#2 Hello Antiplaque Toothpaste Tablets



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If you want to get rid of plaque, try these Antiplaque whitening toothpaste tablets. They come with a pleasing peppermint flavor and effectively remove surface stains.




Free from plastic


One of the great things about bite toothpaste bits is their packaging. No need for plastic tubes containing toothpaste anymore! Did you know that more than one BILLION (yes, BILLION) plastic toothpaste tubes are thrown in the garbage each year? That’s not good for the environment! With Bite toothpaste bits you are helping save the environment!




When you buy Bite bits, you are helping animals! Animal cruelty is a real thing, as more than 100 million animals die in the U.S because of animal testing! If you care about animals, then Bite toothpaste bits are cruelty-free and thus a  great buy for you!


The Ingredients


Here are the ingredients of the Bite toothpaste bits 


Ingredient Definition
Xylitol Good to avoir cavities
Erythritol Also good for cavities!
Natural Mint Flavor Will make the bits taste good & good for breath
Calcium Carbonate It polishes your teeth
Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate Makes the foam!
Sodium Bicarbonate Balances the PH levels
Activated Charcoal Remove stains on your teeth
Guar Gum Keeps your Bits together.

Bite Toothpaste Bits Subscription


As with many other companies these days, Bite toothpaste Bits offers a subscription option!

When you subscribe, you will receive a refillable glass jar, 4 month supply (248 tablets), the shipping is free, and the refills will be sent automatically four months after. With the subscription, depending on what you order, you will save approximately 38%.


The flavours


As we are writing this, you basically have three options when it comes to the toothpaste bits flavours!

You have Fresh Mint, mint with active charcoal, and berry twist!


The toothbrush


On the Bite toothpaste Bits website, you can also buy a high quality Bamboo toothbrush. It actually comes in a pack of two, the head is detachable and the bristles are soft. Read our in depth review of bamboo toothbrushes HERE. 

Should you get Bite toothpaste Bits?


There is no doubt that Bite toothpaste bits offer an amazingly high quality product! If you want to get their products, go to their website right now. If you are looking for a high quality alternatives, there are cheaper options like the Hello Toothpaste Tablets.

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