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Last Updated on February 23, 2023

Dental Implant Grants: FREE MONEY? Tooth Implant Procedure With Government & CDG Programs Explained

Cosmetic Dentistry Grants Program

Everybody loves free money! Let’s be honest…Dental implants cost a fortune! This is we are advising you to look into the cosmetic dentistry grants program!!

The cosmetic dentistry grant program (CDG) will help you with the cost of your dental implants. The group behind this is called The Oral Aesthetic Advocacy Group.

They are a private organization funded by a professional in the dental profession. The idea behind this is simple every single person deserves a healthy and beautiful smile!


CDG Grant


The Cosmetic Dentistry Grant (CDG Grant) is free to apply for and it is available to anyone that wishes to improve their oral health!

In order to be eligible for the CDG grant, you need to demonstrate that your mouth is healthy enough to support this type of cosmetic procedure.

You need to do a free oral health assessment (x-ray charges might apply) by a certified dental practitioner in your area.

If you are a good candidate for the cosmetic procedure and dental implant, the dental practitioner will then recommend you to enter the Cosmetic Dentistry Grants (CDG) program and provide you with a treatment plan.


Cosmetic Dentistry Grants Program In Details.

The Cosmetic Dentistry Grants is not very well known even though they give out approximately $1 million in grants for dental implants every year.

In order to be accepted you need to take an appointment with a dentist and do tests to figure out if you are in good enough oral health.

If you are approved by the dentist for your dental implants, the dentist will then recommend you to the CDG and make a treatment plan for you.

Things you need to know:

  • You might need to cover the cost of the X-ray tests.
  • As we are writing this, this program i only available in New York and California.
  • You are responsible for the upfront costs of the treatments. CDG will then reimburse you for the costs.

If you have insurance then you should check with them first because many dental insurance plans will cover this procedure. It would be much easier to go through your insurance if you can.

Of course, if you don’t have insurance, then CDG (Cosmetic Dentistry Grant)might be a good alternative for you.

Government Grants For Dental Implants

One of the thing with the federal government is THEY DON’T hand out grants for dental implants to individuals directly.

What they do instead is to give grants to state agencies, universities and nonprofits in order to improve public service and improve the economy.

So technically speaking, the government does NOT offer grants for dental implants directly to the individuals, but they do have programs that can help you

Tax Deductions.


Did you know your dental implants may be tax-deductible? By being tax-deductible, it means you can get a portion of the cost back in your next tax return.

In order to deduct the cost of the dental implant, you would need to do that in Schedule A on your taxes.

If you hire an accountant to do your taxes just let him know about your implants and they will know what to do.

Do you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA)? Did you know you can use it to pay for your dental implants?

Simply give your dentist your FSA debit card! It works similarly to a loan; you pay for your dental implants with your FSA card, which is funded by your employer and then pay back the employer within 52 weeks.


Government Programs.

You’ve probably heard of Medicaid. It is one of the main ways low-income adults can get help in order to pay for their dental implants.

Medicaid will most likely not pay for EVERYTHING but it will surely pay for a certain part of it.

Another option is the Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) dental coverage, which is provided by Medicare. It is for both children, adults, and low-income families.

Other Possible Grants.

The ADA foundation’s access to Care Grants is giving dental grants every year to organizations and programs that offer dental care in different communities.

The Senior American Access to Care Grant is giving dental grants to senior Americans.

The Samuel Harris Fund gives money ro organizations in order to help mothers and caregivers with their dental needs. Their dental grants are worth up to $5000.

Other Possible Ways To Pay Dental Implants.


If you can’t use any of these grants, maybe one of these other financial assistance options could help you.


You could get a loan in order to pay for your dental implants. Of course, you would have to pay high interests, but if you really want to get this fixed quick this is a solution.

You could also get your insurance to pay a part of it and then get a loan for the remaining part of the total cost of dental implants.


Supplemental Insurance

You could also get supplemental insurance in order to help you cover your dental implants.

However, with most insurance plans in this category out there, they usually put implants in the elective category and don’t pay for the procedure…Make sure to check with your insurance.




Could I use this grant toward general dental care?

You, unfortunately, can’t. This grant is for cosmetic dental services only.

Can I choose any dentists in order to give me an assessment?

No. The CDG will connect you with the right one because not all of them are affiliated with CDG. You COULD work with a dentist that is not not affiliated with CDG IF:

  • They re-qualified to d the treatment
  • They get accepted by the CDG network in advance
  • They agree to the program’s terms and conditions
  • They are located in Canada or the United States

Is this program (CDG) only for people who can’t afford a dental implant specialist?

No. This is not only for people who can’t afford it. The fact is most insurance policies WON’T cover dental implants so it doesn’t matter how poor or rich you are; you can get accepted.

How do I qualify for the Grant?

First, you need to do the oral assessment which includes questions about your overall health.

Then they will create a treatment for you. In some cases, they will ask you to provide proof that you have insurance that will cover the parts of the procedure not covered by the grant.

How do they award the grants?

The CDG awards the grants in a special way. They are divided out in proportion to the number of applicants in that distribution pool, the amount of money available, the applicant’s treatment plans, etc.

How does the application process look like?

Here are the basic steps:

  1. You submit your request for funding through the Cosmetic Dentistry Grants Program website
  2. They will then review and confirm the applicant’s info
  3. A local dentist will then give you an assessment.
  4. After the assessment, the dentist will recommend you for the grant
  5. Your dentist will then create a treatment plan for you
  6. After getting approved for the grant, you will visit the dentist for the procedure

Once admitted for inclusion into the program, how long does my inclusion last? Will it expire?

It will stay valid for up to one year, then expire. Be careful because you can only apply one time!

Can I use this grant in order to pay for current or past treatments?

No. You can’t retroactively pay for the treatment with the funds.

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