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Last Updated on February 19, 2023

Easysmile review: Brutally Honest Review

easysmile invisible aligners

Easysmile Review: Is it the best option?


In this Easysmile review, we are going to tell you about our experience with their clear aligners. We pretty much tried all the companies at this point so we know the good stuff about each one of them…And the bad stuff too 😉

What you have to understand is that all these companies are pretty much using the same technology and the only major difference between them is the price and the customer service that they offer.

Some of them are trying to differentiate themselves with their marketing, and that’s great, but the main difference is the price ad the customer service!

The bottom line is they all use the same clear aligners technology and the length of the process is similar from company to company.

 In our opinion, the best option on the market right now is called AlignerCo. AlignerCo has the best customer service and is the cheapest option by far. Unfortunately, they are not available everywhere yet. Click here to see if they are available where you live.

If you live in Europe, then Straight My Teeth is by far the best option!


Top reasons why we loved Easysmile


#1 Their aligners are quite transparent. Easysmile’s aligners are quite clear, so you don’t have to worry about anybody noticing you are wearing them! They are a great alternative to traditional braces.


#2 The customer service is quite good. Every time we had a question for them they answered to us pretty fast and we received the impression kit and the invisible aligners fast too.

Top reasons why we DID NOT love Easysmile


#1 The price. At $1880 (a weird price by the way), we don’t see why would someone go with them. Smilelove is the cheapest option on the market right now by far (click here to read our review) si if you want to save money you should go with them. Smile Direct Club, which is the most well-known brand in this market is selling at the exact same price as Easysmile, which doesn’t make a lot of sense to us.


#2 They offer nothing new. We simply don’t understand why someone would choose to go with easysmile. Smile Direct Club is supposed to be the most expensive option, because they are the ¨premium ¨brand, meaning they have a known brand (again, they are all using the same technology), and AlignerCo offers the cheapest price by far (and the best customer service)…But why would someone go with Easysmile? We don’t know!


Easysmile review: Detailed pricing


Aligner Impression Kits

 Most other companies are selling the impression kit for $95, but Easysmile is charging $110. The only company NOT charging for the impression kit right now is AlignerCo.


invisible aligners

Their online invisible aligners cost $1,880. Payment plans are optional and start at around $180 per month, for 12 months.



Easysmile is selling retainers at $110 for a new set.




They claim on their website that their treatments last about 5 months on average. It is hard to give an exact time frame because each case is different. They will then send you before and after 3-D images of your teeth and your projected results.

Again, it is really important to understand that since every person’s smile has different needs, the duration of the program and the design of the clear aligners will vary depending on what you need exactly.


Even if you have a severe problem that requires a longer than an average timeframe, you will still pay $1880!

You also have to understand that all the companies are similar in that regard. We tried all of them and none of them is faster than the other ones…They say a different thing on their websites but it’s all marketing. In the end, they all use the same technology.




As we are writing this, Easysmile is only available in the United States. They will probably expand to more countries as time goes by.

If Easysmile is not available in your country, we HIGHLY recommend you to check out Smilelove. Smile Direct Club is a also a good option.

3 Easy Steps!


Step 1: Order your impression kit

The first step is to make a payment online and wait for them to send you your impression kit. The impression kit is simple: it consists of you making a mold of your teeth and sending everything back to them.

The instructions are super easy to follow and the whole process will take you about 15-20 minutes total. You can usually expect to receive your impression kit a week after you made your payment.


Step 2: Look at the preview of how your straight teeth will look like once the process is completely done.

Easysmile will then send you a preview of what your straight teeth will look like at the end of your aligner treatment plan. At this point, you will get really excited because you can actually SEE what it will look like once the process is completed.

This is one of the big advantages of these clear aligners; you can actually see the exact end result. You cannot do that with invisible braces made from metal!

Here is an example of what you will receive:


Step 3: You get your aligners and you start wearing them.

At this point you will get all your aligners in the mail and you can start wearing them!

You have to be aware that at first it will be painful. Every treatment time you put on a new pair of aligners, it will be painful and this is normal…It means your teeth are getting straighter!

Before & After



Easysmile is DEFINITELY a better option than Invisalign because they are using pretty much the same technology and are cheaper, but there are a lot of better options in our opinion.

AlignerCo is at the moment the best option because they have the cheapest price and they have the best customer service on the market. If you live in EUROPE, then Straight My Teeth is the best option.

Smile Direct Club is the same price as Easysmile but they have been around for much longer, so we would recommend people to go with them.

As we have stated earlier, there is quite a lot of competition in this market so these companies NEED to differentiate themselves in order to be competitive.

We hope this easysmile review was valuable to you!

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