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Last Updated on February 25, 2023

GOODWELL ToothBrush: Brutally Honest Review!

Goodwell Toothbrush: Brutally honest review


In this Goodwell toothbrush review, you will know if the hype is real regarding this new toothbrush!

The Goodwell toothbrush is an ELECTRIC FREE toothbrush! It is an eco-friendly, sustainable, and electric-free toothbrush that claims to clean deeper the electric alternatives.

Their goal is to offer more than just a vibrating head. Their toothbrush amplifies the power of 2 simple twists into 80,000 plus tartar fighting brush strokes using their built-in transmission system.

In our opinion, the goodwell is NOT the best option on the market right now. The best one is the BURST.  Read our review of them by click HERE.

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No Battery & No Electricity


The main selling point of their toothbrush is you don’t need any cables and no batteries because it is not electric! It works like charm with just 3 simple steps: 1) Put toothpaste on the brush 2) Give the dial two full twists 3) Start en toothbrush…No battery needed! 


It is sustainable


Another major selling point of their toothbrush is that it is sustainable!  The Goodwell toothbrush is 100% biodegradable. The toothbrush was made with people who worry about the earth in mind. Not only are you buying a high-quality toothbrush, but you are helping the earth.

Smart Technology


Their toothbrush uses a smart sensor that operates at exactly the ADA recommended tartar-fighting pressure of 120g. Their technology also makes sure that you will get 80,000 charcoal-infused brushstrokes at the exact perfect pressure!


Perfect for travel


The toothbrush was designed with travelers in mind. It is light and you don’t have to worry about cables and batteries. They also provide you with a snap-on case that creates an easy to carry cylinder, which is perfect to travel light.




No battery


The Goodwell toothbrush is NOT electric and doesn’t need a battery! All that is required to make their toothbrush work is two twists of the dial! No charging and no cables required!

It Is Quite Powerful

Because of the fact that it doesn’t have a battery, most people assume the toothbrush must not be super powerful. Dentists recommend using electronic toothbrushes because they have been proven to do a better job than normal toothbrushes. BUT, with over 80,000 brushstrokes, the Goodwell toothbrush has actually more power than your average electric toothbrush!


Good for the environment


The Goodwell toothbrush is good for the environment! Did you know that every year, more than 15 BILLION batteries get discarded everywhere in the world? This is a lot of waste. The Goodwell toothbrush offers a 100% recyclable, biodegradable and battery-free toothbrush. If you care about the environment, then you need this toothbrush.

Their toothbrush is actually made from 90% post-consumer material!


Subscription bundles


Toothbrush subscriptions are more and more popular these days. We actually ranked the best toothbrush subscriptions on the market, click HERE to read our blog post.

Goodwell also offers a subscription option for its customers. All you have to do is pick the toothbrush that you want, paired with their mint toothpaste and Good loss, and they will get delivered in front of your door every 3 months! This is great if you want to save time by not going to the store all the time and you will also save money.

Should you get one?


You can visit the Goodwell website to learn more. If you really want the highest quality toothbrush available on the market right now, you should check out the BURST!  You can read our blog post that reviews them in detail HERE.


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