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Last Updated on February 22, 2023

How Does Clear Choice Work?

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As time wears down your teeth, it can be difficult to keep up a winning smile.

But now, there is an option that outcompetes other companies. While traditional dentures present an endless list of problems and upkeep, Clear Choice is a one-time implant that will last a lifetime with no need for replacement.

There are other choices for keeping your smile, like flippers, bridges, or dentures. But none of these last longer than a decade, which is already quite the generous estimate for some of these technologies.

Clear Choice, however, offers dental implants which can give you your perfect, immortalized smile in as little as one day. Clear Choice offers a variety of implant options, like single tooth replacements, full mouth implants, or select multiple teeth replacements makes it just that, the clear choice.

Clear Choice makes your smile stick with you right through the years. More than that though, there are also health benefits to Clear Choice. For instance, getting dental implants can prohibit loss of bone in the jaw. Clear Choice implants also lead to a maintained facial structure and better oral health.

With all of these offers, Clear Choice promises a great experience, better results, and a happy smile.

So how does it work? From price to procedure, here’s a breakdown of what it looks like to choose Clear Choice.

How Does Clear Choice Work?

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Dental Implants

Clear Choice works by replacing your missing teeth with dental implants. These dental implants are artificial teeth roots that provide a permanent base to which replacement teeth are attached.

Clear Choice dental implants aren’t just for a certain kind of person. Quite the opposite. These long-term effective dental implants are perfect for people who have missing teeth, chronic dental issues, or even people who still have teeth but whose teeth are starting to deteriorate.

The implants are made out of titanium. What makes them so sturdy is that, as time passes after the implant procedure, the titanium root will fuse directly to the still-living bone of your jaw.

Your dental implant is comprised of three parts:

  • The Implant: this is the titanium screw that will be permanently attached to your jaw.
  • The Abutment: this is the connector between the implant screw and the crown. The abutment supports the tooth above. It can be removed by your doctor, but is otherwise permanent.
  • The Crown (prosthetic tooth): this is the crowning achievement of a dental implant. The only part of your implant you can see, your crown is usually made of porcelain or zirconium. It looks and feels just like a tooth and is just as durable.

All of this means that, once the implants are placed, there is no need for touch-ups, check-ups, replacements, or repairs. Clear Choice offers one-time dental implants for a permanent smile.

Clear Choice Cost

Now, for such a great service and result, how much does it all cost? Will it break the bank to keep your smile in perfect condition? Absolutely not!

There are multiple factors that need to be considered when it comes to cost.

These factors are:

  • How many teeth you will be replacing
  • What your individual goals are for your treatment
  • What your needs are professionally assessed to be
  • The materials that are used during your procedure
  • The surgical requirements of the steps for your dental restoration

Luckily for you, there’s no need to go into this process blind. Clear Choice offers a free consultation where you will be fully assessed and given a price estimate. This is provided because Clear Choice knows for a fact that nothing beats in-person professional service.

Due to the wide variety of implants, as well as the various cost factors, Clear Choice dental implants can vary quite dramatically in price.

The price of Clear Choice implants ranges from $7,900 to $50,000. The average cost per patient is $30,975.

It sounds like a lot, and it is. The Clear Choice brand operates in fully franchised buildings, and provides fully in-house teams and on-site labs. This makes Clear Choice expensive, but also worth it to many patients.

Payment plans are offered by Clear Choice. Third-party financing plans can be created, all of which will be discussed at your free consultation.

Procedure Process

From a free consultation to the day you get your new smile, Clear Choice lays out specific steps for the whole process.

Step 1: Free Consultation.

You will meet with a team of doctors to create a customized treatment plan. During this consultation, you will fully discuss cost, procedure, treatment, and all other questions you might have.

Step 2: Pre-procedure Exam:

When you are sure you want to receive dental implants, you will approve your final treatment plan. Your prosthodontist will conduct an exam to ensure you are fully ready for your procedure. You will schedule your procedure date and prepare from there.

Step 3: Dental Implant Procedure

The day is here! On the day of your implant procedure, you will be put under anesthetic and your implants will be placed. After the procedure, you will leave with a set of temporary teeth over the fresh permanent implants.

Step 4: Post Procedure Checkups

In the weeks to months following your implant procedure, you will have to focus on recovery. Recovery includes a diet of soft foods and plenty of rest. Throughout this time, you can come into your Clear Choice office for free checkups to make sure everything is healing as it should.

Step 5: Complete the Look

This is the final step! When your implants have fully healed, your temporary teeth will be replaced with the permanent crowns. You will leave the office finished with your dental implant procedure.


One Team.
One Cost.
One Place.

Clear Choice performs more dental implant procedures a year than any competitor. Everything will be handled by a single professional, qualified, diverse team of experts in one central location.

From start to finish, Clear Choice handles it all. And it begins with a free consultation.

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