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Last Updated on February 22, 2023

How long does it take to remineralize teeth?

How Long Doest It Take To Remineralize Your Teeth?


Your cavities are not without a trace of hope.

That statement right there is to put a halt to the bundle of questions that have continued to run through your mind and refused to stop.

I know you care about how tooth and enamel remineralization works.

I know you wonder if remineralization regrows teeth and you are not sure about what causes tooth decay.

I would have stopped to answer all of these worries of yours once and for all, but I see that you are far from been worried.

You want to know

  1. Why does my dentist say I cannot heal?
  2. Why do I have tooth decay and how can I reverse it?

Now that you have it all pinned down in your heart follow me.

This process known as remineralization is nature’s way of helping you repair your tooth.

It is a daily process and an activity that needs to continue running at least for now, and there is no dodging that the effectiveness mostly depends on what we consume.

Diet cannot be messed up if you are aspiring a reverse of a cavity. Your diet offers a plethora of what is needed to heal your hole. Hence, they should never be ignored.

While you hold on to that fact, there is another that is said about the teeth. – It is porous. Hence, a lot of particles penetrate the tooth enamel to cause tooth decay.

But, the presence of important elements, calcium and phosphate that help to build the teeth are contained in the saliva, and they help to harden the tooth enamel.

The only real cause of tooth decay remains diet, and the first thing to know about tooth decay is that it can be reversed with the right food.

Remineralization is a natural process, and it takes time, but the eventual result is set to leave your mouth opened and your heart rejoice.

The necessary steps to heal cavities are as follows:


Remineralization Process


Optimize Your Diet


I can never accentuate the importance of a good first to your teeth enough. Eat whole food. As you have always been told in every medical sector, entire grains are perfect for you.

Improving your diet should be a priority and should include the following:

  • Eat Healthy fats too. High carbs food should be replaced
  • By using the Paleo diet, you are getting your way over the things you eat. And when you do not even have a say, you are eating the most nutritious meals.
  • Do supplements too, vitamin D is a great option and should be practiced daily.
  • Get the minerals right too and;
  • The minerals contribute a plethora to your diet
  • Do not consume processed sugar and acidic foods and drinks

The need for oral hygiene cannot be overemphasized, although, you may not have so much to worry about when it comes to oral health because your teeth’ growth thrives in some of the bacteria around.

While you cannot be scared of getting things into your hand, never make the mistake of pushing everything punishable into the mouth all in the name of eating.

Also, maintain good oral hygiene habits and brush your teeth regularly with fluoride toothpaste.


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Boost remineralization


If you know of a place where they share great things, take people there so that they can figure it out too.

Hiding the remineralization will not make people get their healing, advocating and spreading the news will.

Real empathy is when you can shareable to reach out to people in a way they never thought was possible.

The primary methods of healing are ways to get over an ex.

Benefits of mineralization.

There are a bunch of blessings that come with using this natural process to prevent and heal.

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No More Cavities


This is major. Of all the benefits that remineralization has, the most substantial one has to be that it is well capable of preventing all forms of holes from finding an abode in your teeth.

And if there is one, it is also able to cure and reverse tooth decay.

Reduces tooth sensitivity.

Tooth sensitivity results from a long haul of applying harsh chemicals that are not good for your oral health. It is even more pronounced when the diet is deficient.

With the introduction of remineralization, there is an assurance that a natural diet works well to ensure that the gum and tooth are not as reactive to harsh chemicals as before.


Eliminate pain caused by decay.

Pain can come from a space in the teeth area; it could be something you experience sometimes or often.

With the introduction of a natural process of healing the cavity, you can be assured that pain will flee and have bound to cease.


The reclaimed function of damaged teeth.

No matter the category of teeth the damaged tooth belongs to; premolar, molar, incisor, canine, the revolutionary process does exactly what it promises to do, reverse.

In reversing, you should not only expect that your tooth would be physically repaired. You should anticipate a functional tooth too.

Cutting, tearing, chewing and grinding among other things a tooth can be useful for.


Lower lifetime dental cost.

No matter how materially or financially demanding the remineralization process is, it can never be as demanding as going to the dentist.

This process gives you quality dental healing without asking for too much.


No one ever prays to be in a situation where they need saving. But, sometimes these are the type of conditions that present themselves – they could be evidenced by pain in our tooth or a cavity.

In this situation, there is no need to fear or panic as all is under control as long as you are informed about the revolutionary process called remineralization

As long as you do not stop at been informed alone but transcend to embracing and using the method for your good, you can get back on your feet again.

you can smile without being judged and definitely can say no to excruciating pain.


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