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Last Updated on February 22, 2023

How To Treat Tooth Abscess , Garlic For Tooth Infection

How To Treat Tooth Abscess?

Having a lump in your mouth or swelling on the face is one of the grossest things to ever happen to anyone.  Apart from the fact that it can be uncomfortable, it is also excruciatingly painful.

A tooth abscess is not something to dream about or wish on anyone. But, bacteria do not care, and as long as your tooth is a place where they can survive, there is no dodging.

Also known as dental abscess,  it is an anomaly around the teeth area that is caused by a bacterial infection and can form pus in the damaged nerve.

This gory sight can assume any place in your mouth and cause pain.

It is of different types;



The gingiva is a gum abscess – this implies that the pus forms basically in the gum area as a result of an eruption that happened to the gum.

When you have food hanging there for too long or your brush hits the gum, an abscess can erupt.

It can be easily treated if detected earlier.



A periodontal abscess is a difficult phase of the gingival. This occurs when a dental abscess turns into the gum pockets. Here, the pus cannot easily flow out or dry, but it can spread around the mouth and jaw inclusive of causing damage.



Tooth deterioration is the primary cause of periapical abscess — the decay-causing a wearing away of the protectors against bacteria like dentin and the enamel.

The lack of shield allows for easy penetration of bacteria into the pulp. The abscess begins from the flesh- the house of nerve and the vl99d supply.

There is no saying that anyone in the claws of a tooth abscess seeks to get out as soon as possible. No matter the type, the pain is natural and should be shunned vehemently with the visit to the dentist


The Dental Treatment; How an Abscessed Tooth is Treated?

A visit to the dentist is almost an assurance that whatever type of dental abscess you have acquired can. E death with using the right medication.

The dentist may describe a root canal treatment when the abscess is not yet inflammatory.

The infection is removed from the tooth, in this case, to have the tooth still functional after treatment.

In a more critical case, the abscessed tooth is first drained of the pus. A small cut is made in the affected area, and the discharge is pushed out and cleaned.

A clean surface in the gum will allow a root canal to be possible to get rid of the infection and eventually save the tooth.

If both of the mentioned above are not the cases, the abscessed tooth is now beyond saving. Hence, the dentist extracts the affected tooth.

After this, he works in the pus by a slight cut and draining.

He is very likely to place you on anti-biotic so that you can have full freedom from bacteria infection.

Asides the medical treatment that can be given to anyone suffering from an abscess, home treatment can also be imbibed.

Home treatment is more about using natural and common home materials like; salt water, oil, hydrogen peroxide and so on.

This is not to say there is equal healing power from root canal treatment and the home remedies. The home remedy is more of temporary relief and may be suitable for a mild or first stage abscess.



Because if the salt water antiseptic and antibacterial properties,  it is useful for killing the mouth bacteria.

If the salt water does not do anything, it helps to reduce inflammation. The best way to use this remedy is to prepare it at home using a full tablespoon of salt water and a cup of water.

You do not swallow the salt water you have mixed, but rinse and spit it out after


Using Oil

Different types of oil can do magic.

The clove oil;

You only need to soak the cotton wool inside this oil for a while. After this, pick up the wet wool and gently use it to apply subtle pressure on the affected area. You can press that in for a while before you take it away.

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Coconut oil;

Coconut oil equally serves as a tooth abscess remedy. To make this work, you need to rinse the affected area with the coconut oil for 15 minutes.

You rinse, then spit it out.

This can be done about two times a day for effectiveness.


Hydrogen Peroxide


This is also another effective way of tackling a tooth abscess that may not require going I visit the doctor.

To make this work, you need to mix a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide with warm water. Ensure that it is correctly mixed by staring.

You can use it to rinse the affected area; then it spits out.



Garlic is a natural antibiotic; hence it can be a threat to the bacteria infected part of the tooth. It is one of the remedial tools that can be used in different ways to bring out the desired result.

You can chew the Garlic or grind the garlic and mix with salt. The mixture of both Garlic and salt can stay in the affected area for about ten minutes. You can rinse after that.

There is also using garlic oil on the wound area to ease the pain. 


Apple Cider Vinegar


The Apple cider Vinegar is an anti-inflammatory liquid that can serve a good use in helping to ease the pain.

With a tablespoon of the ACV, you can get rid of that discomfort if you rinse in a few minutes and spit it out.

The real cure to a tooth abscess has been known to be the total removal of pus. Any remedy that does not serve this purpose is a temporary remedy and should not be the ultimate.

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