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Last Updated on January 16, 2021


To achieve a straight smile, patients will need to overcome the difficulty to wear customary orthodontic braces for a couple of years, or more, to improve different types of teeth alignment. This procedure might be unattractive and bothersome in achieving a perfectly straight smile and may affect your motivation to be confident.   

The great news is, with the use of invisible aligners, you can experience similar satisfaction as orthodontic, traditional braces without the inconvenience and being self-conscious.

Invisible alignment trays are created to adjust to your mouth and meet your needs. You will achieve the smile that you desire, right at your doorstep it will be delivered in just six months.

Some companies offer the convenience without wearing any dental appliances daily through nighttime clear aligners that permits you to straighten your teeth while asleep. Can you trust these new products? Do these really compensate even if you wear the aligners just for part of the day? Do these products meet your expectations?

Here’s what you should know regarding nighttime clear aligners.     


What Is A Nighttime Clear Aligner?


Nighttime clear aligners are unnoticeable aligner trays with the purpose to be worn at night, but with the same effect as the ones you’ve used all over the day. Actually, the products are similar, though the licensed dentists or orthodontists intend to design it for the wearer to keep a professional aligner treatment plan.


Nighttime clear aligners are unnoticeable aligner trays with the purpose to be worn only at night, but with the same effect with the ones you’ve used all over the day.


The little difference is that nighttime aligner trays will show a longer effect since they are not used all the time. Whereas a typical objective calls for invisible aligner trays to be used at the minimum time of 22 hours (and keep away for cleaning teeth and eating), nighttime clear aligners are expected to be used for 10 hours a day daily, specifically during the night when asleep.



Best Nighttime Clear Aligners (2021 Update)


Byte and SmileDirectClub are presently the two companies that offer these products online.

Byte Nighttime Clear Aligners

Byte promotes an awesome choice to straighten your teeth during asleep at night. Through Byte’s Nighttime Wear Program, you don’t need to wear similar traditional daytime aligners byte promotes with its “ day” regimen, these are designed with a deep-thick premium material set up to wear 10 hours the aligners during nighttime, hence, surprisingly grind resistant.

It will cost $95 for ordering the Byte’s at-home impression kit for orthodontic treatment. This is an individual fee since the kit is important to determine if you qualified for the Byte. If identify that your teeth are not qualified for the Byte, the company is entitled to totally refund the fee.

A 3D treatment plan will be created by the orthodontist after checking your case to see how your smile will look like thereafter the treatment. A one-time payment of $2,245 will be required once you plan to begin the treatment, or you can take advantage of the $415 deposits for Bytepay financing and $98 monthly payments for 25 months.

Not only aligners are included in your Byte kits, however. Byte kits then include a bottle of BrightByte teeth whitener and a set of medical- grade retainers to continue the improvement when the treatment is over. In as short as three months, Byte customers are happy with the results. What’s the mystery? Byte kits have a high-frequency acceleration device which is the same as what the orthodontist presents to their patients.

Byte’s Hyperbyte device is comprised of that one-time payment, which makes a difference and really makes a great transaction for your money.  A high-frequency acceleration (HFA) device creates vibrations in the tissues all over the roots of your tooth in order to get a fast response to the pressure created by clear aligners and braces. One study suggests that HFA can make orthodontic treatment can increase and go up to 66% faster than normal.


Smiledirectclub Nighttime Clear Aligners


The first company to offer invisible aligner brand is SmileDirectClub specifically nighttime clear aligners. It is only available for United States customers ages 12 and older who are qualified for this treatment.

Their aligner trays cost is the same compare to the regular ones. $1,895 for Nighttime clear aligner with a one-time fee, or you can pay $250 for a down payment $85 per month for 24 months, for a total amount of $2,290. There are cases that dental insurance plans cover a part of the price for this treatment. Presently, there are no discounts for this product, on the other hand, each customer has the chance to save up to 60% over the charge of traditional straightening choice as what SmileDirectClub suggest.

What is special with these products? Similar to other invisible aligner trays promoted by SmileDirectClub and rivals, these BPA-free plastic trays are developed uniquely for the wearer. You will have your licensed dentist or orthodontist to make a custom objective for teeth straightening once the dental impression kit (at-home kits requires an additional price of $49).

The nighttime clear will be deliver at your door in 3-4 weeks once you qualified for this treatment. Nighttime clear aligners are for patients ages 12 and older that requires teeth re alignment.

Regular invisible aligner plans are developed to straighten teeth is a less as about 6 months constantly (not less than 22 hours a day). Since for nighttime clear aligners are worn at a minimum of 10 hours at night which you can notice that treatment takes longer. Final outcome are calculated in as less as 10 months for consistent wearing. It will cost you $99 for a retainer to make sure that your teeth remains in straight position after treatment.


How Nighttime Clear Aligner Works


A regular invisible aligner tray has the same principle with how nighttime clear aligner works. A licensed dentist or orthodontist will check your case to see if you are a qualified candidate for this treatment once you have an appointment in a SmileShop site or sent in your at-home impression kit with Byte or SmileDirect Club.


Patients with medium crowding or spacing issues will greatly benefit from nighttime clear aligners. If these issues are studied more than mild, patients will still be qualified to wear every day the invisible aligner trays, which can best perform for more average misalignment. However, for patients with malocclusion, they need to see or check other options.


After approval, your assigned dentist or orthodontist will create a custom-made plan for your treatment which incorporates aligner trays and a schedule when to put it on, while considering a 10-hour daily use, unlike a typical 22-hour application.


Your custom aligner trays will be delivered in your abode which includes a manual, this means that in just 3-4 weeks you will start noticing the effect on your teeth. You must also consider that it will take a 10-month treatment process from the time you began to use it while following carefully the 10-hour use of aligner trays.


Clear Aligners vs Nighttime Aligners


As discussed above, both nighttime aligners and clear aligners are important product. The two are customize for the wearer and send via mail to your home address. The leading changes revolve around how lengthy the treatment takes and how long you use them. It’s only to when you clean your teeth and when you eat that you can remove the invisible aligner trays after twenty two hours of wearing it. Once you follow the advised of your licensed dentist or orthodontist, and adhere to wear it for six months, it will surely result to a beautiful straight smile.


When asleep, nighttime clear aligners are require daily to be worn for 10 hours.

Once you follow the schedule, in as less as 10 months, you can see the end results and a perfect beautiful smile. It makes a difference from one regimen to another if you swap trays during your treatment. The other important contrast lies in who is qualified for the treatment. Those patients with mild to moderate spacing issues could be qualified to nighttime clear aligner treatment, however only suited for mild cases, as presented by SmileDirectClub. Those patients with moderate cases are advised for all-day wear.





Advantages and Disadvantages of Nighttime Clear Aligners

The best advantage of nighttime aligners is that they need to be used during night. This eliminates the problem similar to the inconvenience of daytime wear, emphasized by having to keep it away while eating during daytime.

As the name entails, invisible aligner trays are basically invisible and it’s unique for others to care that you’re using them. On the other hand, nighttime clear aligners can support a more appealing result if you think that invisible aligner trays create a feeling of being self- conscious.


But, there a bunch of disadvantages. First, you won’t see the same speedy results that you can take with all-day use. Whilst inspecting outcome in 10 months is better than wearing conventional orthodontic braces for two years, compare to invisible aligners worn every day and see the best results in six months.


Likewise, patients with mild misalignment best fit for nighttime clear aligner that means, many patients are behind time. It’s a great news that all-day wear for  classic invisible aligner trays are best advised for those who wants to finish their treatment faster or those who has moderate misalignment.


Lastly, it’s worth citing that only using clear aligners during night bring a big risk of orthodontic relapse than using them all day. This is due to aligners that works during night and when you remove them in the morning, your teeth will have the whole day to slowly adjust back towards their initial location. That’s the reason why it will take longer for nighttime aligners compare to typical all-day version because using them during night will make them adjust to their previous position.


There will be times that people will feel a bit uncomfortable to use retainers during night time after letting their teeth adjust throughout the day. With the help of Byte high-frequency equipment, teeth can move much freely and improves treatment.


  • They can be worn during night
  • Can be removed
  • Unseeable
  • Convenient (specifically when wear with Hyperbyte)



  • Results take longer than typical clear aligners
  • Ideal for cases with mild misalignment
  • Simple risk of teeth adjustment out of place amid the day



Are Nighttime Clear Aligners Worthy?


SmileDirectClub or Byte’s nighttime aligner is the best fit for you to get a beautifully straight smile with no problem of using the aligner during the daytime.

You can first compare Smile Direct Club vs Byte, to see which treatment is best and begin right away to achieve your desire perfect smile. But if you want to check the result right away even you have a complex orthodontic case, it’s best advised to patronize all-day clear aligners. Byte is a great option because you can see the end result of straight teeth in as little as 3 months.


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