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Last Updated on February 26, 2023

Online Braces Reviews: Brutally Honest Reviews

best at home teeth-straightening

Best At Home Online Braces in 2021?

You made the decision to have online braces to fix your crooked teeth. The great news is there are now a lot of alternatives to traditional braces metal braces on the market right now. Online braces are now officially legit and there are 10+ companies offering them on the market.

In this at-home invisible braces review, we will review the best companies on the market out there so you won’t have to do much research.


Top 4 Online Braces


There are a lot of online braces companies ou the market right now and it is hard to make a decision. This is why we created this in-depth review of each of these options in order to make it easier for you.

Even though these online braces companies are MUCH cheaper than Invisalign (even though they pretty much have the same technology), you want to make sure the end results will be the same.

That’s the reason why we tested pretty much all the online braces out there to know which one is the best.

There is not much of a big difference when it comes to the process and the quality of the process between companies. In the end, the main difference comes down to customer support & customer support. These are great for straightening teeth but none of these procedures solve complex cases or dental problems.

It is normal to ask yourself ¨Are these the same as going to the dentist or orthodontist every month? ¨ or ¨Smile direct club¨ is the most expensive, there must be a reason?¨. Everybody does ask themselves these questions… But in the end, this new technology WORKS (Online braces) because we tested it. Also, there are plenty of reviews from people who used these online braces all over the internet and they work. The treatment time may take 3 months-18 months.

In our opinion, it is similar to Uber started a few years ago. Everybody thought it was weird and dangerous… ¨It must be a scam and dangerous¨ people thought. But now the fact is EVERYONE is using Uber and nobody finds it dangerous. The same thing happened with Airbnb, and the same thing will happen with these online braces.


As our team tried all of them, we can affirm with confidence that all of them pretty much all the same technology. We do not know for sure where these clear aligners are made, but we wouldn’t be surprised if clear aligners are all manufactured in the same place. The differences between all of the brands when it comes to the actual clear aligners are extremely minimal. Some of the clear aligners are a little bit more transparent than the others, but you won’t even notice it. In the end, the only thing that matters is the customer support and the price of the clear aligners. Smile Direct Club is known to have a HUGE customer support problem, with tons of bad reviews all over the internet. Lots of people basically never received the clear aligners they ordered and had trouble getting refunds. What’s the problem with online braces if you never get them? None! This is why when it comes to online braces because they all use the same technology, you should go with the best customer support and the lowest price.

 If you judge based on the customer support & the price, then AlignerCo wins the battle easily if you live in America and if you live in Europe, Straight My Teeth wins.


#1 AlignerCo



AlignerCo is the cheapest invisible braces company on the market by FAR and they provide an excellent customer experience. As we have said earlier, most of the invisible braces companies out there use the exact same technology as Smile Direct Club. The main difference between them is the customer support and the price. Here are the reasons why we think AlignerCo is the best option on the market right now for an invisible aligner. We feel these are some of the finest invisible braces companies out there. This is a Direct to consumer brand. The average treatment time for aligner treatment is six months. Keep in mind they do not offer a lifetime guarantee. The treatment time for aligners may take three months-18 months. They also accept dental insurance.


#1 They have the BEST customer support!


As we said earlier, not only are they the cheapest in the invisible braces market, but they also have the best customer support by far. This is super important because there are TONS of horror stories out there from people that never got their invisible braces with Smile Direct Club and other companies. On top of that, the refund process was terrible for a lot of people. With AlignerCo, you are 100% buying from the best invisible braces at home when it comes to customer support. You can talk to them by chat directly on their website and even if you e-mail them, they usually respond within a few hours. They also offer a monthly payment plan.



#2 Full guarantee. You basically have no risk when you buy from them because with AlignerCo you have a full return guarantee.

You literally have no risk when you buy your at-home teeth aligners from AlignerCo because they offer a full return guarantee. If, for some reason, after you send your home impression kit and they give you the preview of your orthodontic treatment plan and you are not happy about it, you will be able to ask for a refund. You basically have zero risks when you order your invisible braces from them. The cost also depends on the type of orthodontic treatment plan you choose. These aligners cost anywhere between $2000-$8000. They also offer different payment plans and treatment plans.


#3 Free retainers.  Most of the other invisible braces companies are charging money for the retainers you have to wear at night for one time, once you complete the treatment, but not with AlignerCo. Some of them charge up to $200 for them, but with AlignerCo you get it for free. They also check on you every two weeks and these are perfect for teeth alignment. They also offer teeth whitening kit and are perfect to repair bite issues.


#4 They are the CHEAPEST by far!!


#5 They were the fastest to send the Starter kit and the teeth aligners.

#2 Straight My Teeth (For Europe)


In our opinion, Straight My Teeth is the best option if you live in Europe! They are the cheapest (With AlignerCo) and their price is super low.

#1 Super good customer Support!  

This is the #1 thing you need to be careful about when it comes to these invisible braces. Smile direct club (SDC) has TERRIBLE customer support if you look at the online reviews out there. Just look at their reviews online and you will see. With Straight My Teeth, you can rest assured you will get excellent customer support. We feel these are some of the finest invisible braces companies out there. This is a Direct to consumer brand. We feel these are perfect for teeth alignment.

#2 They are super cheap. 

Straight My Teeth is basically the European equivalent to AlignerCo. They are about the same price when you convert the currency from USD to Euros. As we said earlier, all these companies pretty much use the same technology so it all comes down to the price and the customer support.

#3 Full money-back guarantee. You basically have no risk with this invisible braces company as they have the full-refund option without any additional cost if for some reason you are not fully satisfied.

#4 Free retainers.  Some other invisible braces companies charge up to $200 at the end of your treatment for you to get a retainer. Straight My Teeth charges $0. It is recommended to wear these aligners for 22 hours to gradually move your teeth post-treatment.


#3 Smilelove


for them

In our opinion, Smilelove is also a good option when it comes to invisible braces as they are quite cheap and their customer support is good also. **some people are telling us they went out of business**

#1 They have good customer support!  

At some point, we went on their website and the chat was unavailable for some reason. We sent them an e-mail and within 1 hour we got an answer! There are rumors that they went out of business though.

#2 They have thin and transparent teeth aligners. 

Let’s be honest, the reason why you want to order at-home teeth aligners is EXACTLY that they are invisible and nobody notices them, so it makes sense for you to make sure they are really transparent. Well, the good news is Smilelove has really transparent invisible braces.

#3 Full money-back guarantee. You literally have no risk with Smilelove. With pretty much all the other companies, if you send them the impression kits and they come to the conclusion that you are not a good fit for some reason, they will refund all of your money.

#4 Free retainers.  Some other companies are charging money for the retainer you need to wear at the end of the treatment. They usually charge around $100. Smilelove will charge you $0


#4 Candid co.



We also had an overall good experience with the online braces from Candid co. We thought the process was a little bit too slow compared to the other companies, but maybe something happened with our specific package only.

 The biggest problem with Candid co is the price. They are selling their online braces at pretty much the same price as Smile Direct Club, which is quite expensive if you compare them with the alternatives like AlignerCo and Straight My Teeth. These aligner companies offer remote monitoring and financing options around $180/month for 12 months for complete treatment. They also take a free scan of your teeth, which many people liked.

This is the reason we ranked them at #4. As we have said previously, the main difference between all these companies is literally the customer support they provide and the price. All the online braces companies pretty much use the same technology.


And the winner is…?


AlignerCo if you live in America and Straight My Teeth if you live in Europe! All these online braces use the same technology. They probably even manufacture them in the same place! It all comes down to the price and the customer support and these two companies are the best by far in our opinion. The customer support and the price of these online braces are the best on the market.


What are online braces? Also called invisible aligners?



What exactly are online braces? They are basically a new technology that just entered the market and that completely revolutionized the industry…A few years ago if you happened to want to straighten your teeth you would have to pay a fortune and get metal braces or traditional braces. With these online braces, it is MUCH cheaper and you don’t even have to visit a dental professional every month. Traditional braces require frequent office visits.

These online braces companies really do offer invisible aligners so you don’t have to worry about people noticing them. MAYBE once in a while, someone will notice them but 99% of the people will never see the invisible aligners. You can also have straighter teeth without traditional braces.

A lot of people make the error of confusing online braces & a clear aligner. A Clear aligner is literally made of ceramic material that is ATTACHED to your teeth. These are plastic aligners. Since these aligners are made of plastic you can remove them to eat.


How Do Online Braces Work?


The whole treatment process or treatment duration usually takes between 4 to 9 months, but in the end, it will depend on your own teeth. Everyone is different and in the end, it will depend on your teeth. The treatment process or the treatment duration also varied depending on the needs.

You will get a series of at-home teeth aligners every few weeks that will gradually shift your teeth. These teeth aligners WILL be a little bit painful, especially every time you put your new set of clear aligners on, but you will get used to it quickly. This is normal; it means your teeth are moving in the right direction and the sooner your teeth move, the sooner it will end. The procedure is also intended for mild to moderate orthodontic issues.

You are supposed to wear your teeth aligners/clear aligners a minimum of 22 hours a day as recommended by the dentist or orthodontist, which means you can only remove them when you eat basically. Companies like AlignerCo. offer great customer experience.

The thing people usually love the most about online braces (other than they are much cheaper) is that they are not required to go to the dentist every month. A few members of our team did the treatment with Invisalign and according to them these visits to the dentist were pretty much useless. It consisted of the dentist or orthodontists looking at the teeth for barely 20 minutes. A total waste of time. Keep in mind the procedure is also intended for mild to moderate orthodontic issues.

Example of the kind of results At Home Teeth Straightening Aligners can produce


smilelove treatment progress
smilelove end result

Who is a candidate for online braces?


You might be a good candidate if you have one of these issues:

  • Mild or severe crooked teeth 
  • Some form of Teeth gap.
  • Overbites, open bites, cross-bites & underbites.
  • Crowded teeth.
  • Overjets (middle teeth overlapping).



Unless you have a SUPER severe case, we HIGHLY recommend you to go with these online braces companies. Don’t be afraid of the new technology as it is CLEARLY superior to traditional braces and it is MUCH cheaper than Invisalign.

If you don’t mind spending $5000+ and you want to go see the dentist every month or so, then yes you could order Invisalign but if you are looking to pay less money, then these at-home teeth-straightening aligners are the best option to get started.


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