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Last Updated on February 27, 2023

Oral B Genius X Review: Pros, Cons & Features Explained


Are you intrigued by the advanced technology and exciting features offered by the Oral-B Genius X? It looks great from the outside, but you are probably wondering whether it lives up to the hype and actually gives your teeth a superior clean.

If you are looking for a product that can give your mouth the deep clean it deserves, the Oral-B Genius X could be the product to solve your problems.

The Oral-B Genius X electric toothbrush uses a form of AI technology to determine if you are doing the job properly. It helps you identify if you are neglecting some of your teeth or even harming them in your brushing routine.

Using Oral-B’s Genius X model, you will learn how to clean your teeth effectively but without causing them damage. Let’s dive into a full rundown of the Oral-B Genius X and see if it is worth the money.

Oral B Genius X At a Glance

  • Good brushing insights like identifying too much pressure or neglecting specific teeth
  • The battery has a good lifespan
  • Comes with a handy travel case
  • Uses advanced technology
  • Has to be used in conjunction with your phone to deliver insights on your brushing techniques
  • Can be expensive depending on the retailer

Oral-B GENIUS X Electric Toothbrush with 3 Oral-B Replacement Brush Heads and Toothbrush Case, Black

Key Features:

A modern take on the electric toothbrush. The Oral-B Genius x comes with:

  • AI technology helps understand your brush style and guide you to making better use of your toothbrush
  • The brush works through the free Oral-B app to provide professional-level treatment and guidance
  • Round Oral-B brush head
  • The time sensor
  • The pressure control monitor alerts you to when you are brushing too hard
  • Six brushing modes
  • Your case includes; 1 Handle, 1 Brush head, Lithium Ion Battery, Smart Travel Case, Charger, and UK Plug
  • More expensive than your regular electric toothbrush

Product Specifications:

  • Can work from sensitive cleaning to delivering a more intense brushing
  • Neat compact design. Fits comfortably in the hand
  • Comes in 3 attractive colors. Choose between blush pink, rose gold, and black
  • Comes in a useful charging travel case with an extra charging portal that can be used to charge other devices as well
  • Works either with the Oral-B app or without it


  • Heads – Takes the standard Oral-B brush heads (less expensive than brush heads used by other electric toothbrush models).
  • Travel case – Comes with a handy charging travel case ensuring your toothbrush will not run out of charge when away from home.
  • Design – Designed to fit comfortably in the hand and comes in three attractive colors- black, rose-gold, and blush pink.
  • Modes – Easy to keep track of the mode you are using. The brush has six modes. The mode you are using is lit up when you decide to use it.
  • Battery light – The battery indicator at the bottom of the handle tells you when you are running low on charge.
  • Pressure sensor – Warns you if you are brushing too hard.
  • Charger – Comes with a standard induction charging base
  • Cleaning – The Oral-B Genius X gives a thorough clean
  • App – The brush can be used with or without the app. With or without the app, the sensor lights up to warn you when you are brushing too hard. You will be alerted when it’s time to move to a different section of your mouth and the brush will display its smartness by powering off two minutes after use.
  • Easy to use – Using the app can be decidedly easy even for a beginner in using smart devices.


  • No USB charging cable – You will have to remember to bring your own when leaving home.
  • No removable cover on the toothbrush – You will have to take extra care when cleaning and drying the brush after use otherwise you will have a build-up of water and cleaning debris.
  • Sensitive teeth options – People who have sensitive teeth may find it necessary to begin using the Genius X on the sensitive option, which works at a slower speed, before progressing to the more high-powered option.
  • Noisy – Co-dwellers may not thank you for using it early in the morning. That is a con you may have to work your way around unless you want to pay the extra and upgrade to a higher-end quieter model.
  • Using the app – For people who are challenged by technology, installing the app may prove difficult. In that case, you can use the toothbrush without it. That, however, will mean you are not getting full value from your new toothbrush. And you may ask yourself if it is worth laying out money on a form of technology that is going to sit there unused.
  • Cost – Currently, the Genius X retails for £139.00 on Amazon, and that is after a 59% reduction.

Oral-B GENIUS X Electric Toothbrush with 3 Oral-B Replacement Brush Heads and Toothbrush Case, Black

Why Get The Oral-B Genius X?

If you have already established that an electric toothbrush is the brush for you, it may be time to decide if the Oral-B Genius X is the one to opt for.

To help make your decision easier, we have extracted the following features and weighed them either in favor of or against buying the brush.

Artificial Intelligence

Many people are not aware that AI has reached the confines of our bathrooms. But Oral-B has adapted it to improve our toothbrushing techniques.

The Oral-B Genius X uses artificial intelligence to make sure you are treating your teeth correctly. Once connected to the Oral-B free app, the brush gathers information on how you clean your teeth. Comparing the information with data already within the system, it can identify damage you might be doing to your teeth and teach you to change your habits.

If you are putting too much pressure on your teeth, you can damage the enamel. Or if you neglect to clean some of your teeth, you may be building up problems for the future. The brush detects your mistakes and uses sensors to alert you to the damage you are doing. It also stores the information for the next time you brush and, over time, builds up a picture of your style of brushing and is on standby to warn you when you use bad practices in your cleaning routine.

Verdict: This is a very good reason to buy the Oral-B Genius X. Not alone are you cleaning your teeth, but you are avoiding future expensive repair work.

Oral-B App


Using Oral-B products ensures you are treating your teeth with tried and tested products. The Oral-B app on your phone and connected to the AI technology on your brush ensures you are benefitting from products produced with the consumer in mind.

  1. Simply install the Oral-B app (directions will help you do this without difficulty)
  2. Create an account
  3. Push your toothbrush’s power button

Hey presto, you’re good to go!

When setting up the app, you will be asked to select a color for the brush’s pressure sensor and to select the settings you want to use. If you are new to this type of technology, it may be best to leave the settings in their current order, which is already laid down on the toothbrush handle. The Oral-B rounded brush head works around your teeth to give them a thorough cleaning and sweeps away the plaque and debris that lead to decay.

Verdict: The use of reliable and trusted products guarantees that this brush is worth buying.

Time Sensor

The time sensor will alert you when you have spent too long working on one particular section of your mouth and need to move along to the next section. To divide your brushing time equally across your teeth, the sensor guarantees all teeth are being treated fairly. Not just the ones you feel need a good scrub.

Verdict: A system guaranteeing that all teeth are gleaming equally makes this brush a very good buy.

Pressure Control

The pressure control monitor alerts you when you may be putting too much pressure on your teeth or gums and running the risk of damaging both the enamel and the sensitive gum tissue. The bright warning light is sensibly located just below the brush head, meaning you cannot miss the warning signal.

Damaged enamel can be both unsightly and expensive to repair. Nobody wants to deal with painful or bleeding gums. Brushing too hard is something we all do at times without being aware of it. A warning system will correct that habit.

Verdict: A system that prevents us from damaging our teeth makes this brush a very good purchase.

Six Brushing Modes

Electric Toothbrush

The six brushing modes mean that you are not merely restricted to regular tooth brushing.

They include:

  1. Daily Clean
  2. Pro Clean
  3. Sensitive
  4. Gum Care
  5. Tongue Clean
  6. 3D White

The extra modes allow you to work on a range of oral issues. The sensitive mode allows you to deal with teeth that may be extra sensitive and give you an easy beginning when you first use your new brush. Gum care is a useful mode for people who tend to brush too hard along the gumline. Teeth whitening is essential if you want your teeth to look more than clean.

Tongue cleaning is something we rarely think about when brushing our teeth. Yet it is an essential part of oral hygiene, especially when you consider how much bacteria can still be lodged on the tongue. We do not need that forgotten bacteria to sabotage the deep clean we have given our teeth and undo the work we have done on keeping our mouths healthy.

Verdict: The various cleaning modes ensure we are giving our teeth a good clean without damaging them or our gums, all factors that speak in favor of buying the brush.

Travel Case

The travel case is not just a decorative feature. Having its own USB socket, you can charge the case, which will then continue to charge your toothbrush. And not only does it take care of your toothbrush, it works with your other electrical devices as well.

With an extra charging port, the case can be used to charge your mobile phone, an electric razor or any other electrical device you use on your travels and allows you to charge two devices simultaneously. Coming equipped with a UK charging plug, the case will prove useful if your travel accommodation doesn’t have charging portals.

Verdict: The charging case adds another level of value to the Oral-B Genius X and gives another good reason to buy it.


Buying your Oral-B Genius X on Amazon, you can expect to shell out £139.00, and that is after Amazon has applied a 59% reduction. Other retailers may be more expensive. Considering that some electric toothbrushes retail for £39.99, the price of the Genius X could be considered eye-watering.

You can argue that you can compensate for the price by having to lay out less money on dental bills thanks to the superior care the brush will bestow on your teeth. However, that is an argument for the consumer to make.

Verdict: For us, it is a very expensive product, and in this case, the Genius X loses my vote.

Oral-B GENIUS X Electric Toothbrush with 3 Oral-B Replacement Brush Heads and Toothbrush Case, Black


The Oral-B Genius X has a lot to offer the user.

Superior cleaning, advanced technology to take better care of your teeth, a choice of functions, a sensor to warn you when you might be damaging your teeth, and a comfortable experience, especially when your teeth don’t welcome the prospect of being brushed are all valuable additions to the humble toothbrush. If it is possible to absorb the initial financial outlay, the consumer gains access to a product that does exactly what it promises to do.

The consumer who has already moved from using manual toothbrushes to electric ones will be very pleased with the new features available in the Genius X. The new user of electric toothbrushes will be especially delighted to discover that there is a device to up his oral care regime.

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