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Last Updated on February 20, 2023

SnapCorrect™ Review: Brutally Honest Review

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SnapCorrect Review: Is it a good option?


In this review, we will tell you in brief what we thought when we tried it. We tried all the companies out there so we can help you make the smartest decision.

SnapCorrect claims to have the clearest aligners on the market and they are somewhat right. As we are writing this post, they DO have the clearest aligner, but to be honest you probably won’t even see the difference. The bottom line is every clear aligners company out there has almost invisible aligners.

From our experience, all these companies are pretty much using the same technology and the only difference between them is the customer service they offer and the price. In our opinion, the best option on the market right now is called AlignerCo. AlignerCo has the best customer service and is the cheapest option by far. Unfortunately, they are not available everywhere yet. Click here to see if they are available where you live.

If you live in EUROPE, Straight My Teeth is the best and cheapest option! Make sure you consult a dentist or orthodontist before the orthodontic treatment, as dental professionals or a dental team will examine and let you know what you should do.


Top reasons why we love SnapCorrect™


#1 Their teeth aligners are quite transparent. Snapcorrect claims their teeth aligners are the most transparent on the market and they are right. THEY DO have the clearest aligners. Keep in mind that all the companies out there have also super transparent aligners. The difference is not really noticeable, to be honest, so we would suggest you not to make your purchase decision on this factor alone.


#2 They are quite cheap. Snapcorrect is the second-lowest option on the market right now. AlignerCo is the cheapest option by far (Click here to read our review of AlignerCo)  and Snapcorrect is second. As we have said before, pretty much all the clear aligners companies out there are using the same technology. The only difference is their marketing really…DO NOT make the mistake to think that because a company is selling the product more expensive ¨ It must be better ¨. We feel SnapCorrect aligners are perfect for teeth straightening.


#3 First Set of retainers are free. Some companies like Smile Direct Club are charging $100 for a set of retainers that you will need to wear at the end of your treatment. Even though your aligner treatment is done, you should wear your retainers or your teeth risk getting crooked again! On the market right now, Smile Direct Club is the only company charging you for the retainers. Again, because they were the first one on the market and they have more brand awareness, they can get away with charging a little bit more, because people trust them more.


#4 Comes with a premium whitening kit & a Clear aligner case.


Detailed pricing


Clear Aligner Impression Kits

You first need to do an impression of your teeth so they can show you with their computer program what your teeth will look like once everything is done, how long it will last etc. Snapcorrect is currenttly doing a promotion and they are charging $49 for the impression kit. They usually charge $95. The only company NOT charging for the impression kit right now is AlignerCo.


invisible aligners

Their online invisible aligners cost $1,749. They used to sell them at $1,849 but they just reduced their price. Payment plans are optional and start at around $80.82 each month, using Affirm—a third party financing company. These could be a better option over traditional braces or metal braces.



It provides free retainers with your clear aligners purchase.


Withening Kit

Snapcorrect provides you a premium whitening kit with your truly invisible aligners. 




They claim their treatments range in time from 3 months to 18 months. It is hard to give an exact time frame because each case is different. Their dental technicians will create a custom treatment plan for you. They will then send you before and after 3-D images of your teeth and your projected results before they go ahead with the treatment plan.

Again, since every person’s smile has different needs, the duration of the program and the design of the clear aligners will vary depending on what you need.


Even if you have a severe problem that requires a longer than an average timeframe, you will still pay $1749!

All the companies are similar in that regard. We tried all of them and in the end, none of them have a better technology that allows them to make progress faster than the other ones. Some people said for treatment, SnapCorrect takes around 6 months- 9 months on an average.




As we are writing this, SnapCorrect is only available in the United States. They will probably expand to more countries as time goes by.

If SnapCorrect is not available in your country, we HIGHLY recommend you to check out AlignerCO if you live in America and Straight My Teeth if you live in EUROPE. . Smile Direct Club is a also a good option.

Overall Experience


You will be amazed by how fast everything will happen. You receive your impression kit about a week after you make your payment, then you get your aligners about one week or two after you send them back your impression kit. Snap-Correct aligners are made from shiny plastic and are trimmed to fit the gums.

Warning: once you start wearing the aligners, you will feel a lot of pressure on your teeth. It is normal…It means your teeth are moving! You will get used to this after a few days.

We give SnapCorrect a rating of 7.5/10. We don’t see the point of going with them as Smilelove is much cheaper and has the same technology.


3 Easy Steps!

how snapcorrect works


Step 1: Order your Kit

Once you make your payment online, SnapCorrect will send you your kit. The kit consists of you making a mold of your teeth and sending everything back to them. The instructions are quite easy to follow and the whole process takes about 15 minutes. You can usually expect to receive your kit a few days after you made your payment. Make sure you also fill the consent to treat form.

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Step 2: Look at the preview of how your straight teeth will look like

SnapCorrect will then send you a preview of what your straight teeth will look like when everything is completely done. At this point you will get really excited because you can actually SEE what it will look like once the process is completed.

Unfortunately people that get braces don’t have the chance to see in advance how it will look like in the end. This is one of the major advantage that these invisible retainers compagnies have.

Here is an example of what you will receive:


snapcorrect before and after

It is quite fun to be able to see the whole process on your computer from start to finish!

At this point, you will get all your aligners in the mail and you can start your treatment! You will DEFINITELY find them weird at first…It will take a few days for you to get used to them!

You might also feel some pain in your teeth, but this is normal. It means your teeth are moving, which is required for your teeth to get straight 😉

Before & After


snapcorrect review
snapcorrect reviews
customer review snapcorrect


SnapCorrect is DEFINITELY a better option than Invisalign, Smile Direct Club, and Candid co, but we still believe Smilelove is the best option available on the market right now! They are cheaper, they have the best customer service, the exact same technology as the other ones. For aligners, SnapCorrect is the perfect option.

But if Smilelove is not available in your country, then YES, you should definitely go with SnapCorrect as they are in our opinion the second-best option out there!

We hope this review was helpful and again, don’t think that because the price is higher it means the product is of better quality. Invisalign is SUPER expensive for no apparent reason really. We feel these are perfect to get started to straighten your teeth.


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