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Last Updated on February 19, 2023

Sonicare Toothbrushes: Brutally Honest Review

A Comprehensive Review Of The Sonicare Toothbrush


To have impeccable dentition is not as easy as pie. A lot of work must have been put into making your set of teeth worth the stare.

It is a consensus that good dental health comes from a lot of good care and the right brushing. What is right brushing without considering the state of the tool?

Your brush is very instrumental to your journey of having the right dentition. Little wonder, dentists have advised people who use the manual brush to change the brush at least every third month.

Every day, ideas are found out on better ways to care for the teeth. And Sonicare toothbrush originated from this long search for the solution. Sonicare along with other electric toothbrushes have gained momentum and are now being talked about amongst people. Oral-B brush was the power toothbrush to receive a ADA seal of acceptance.

Few of the reviews after using a Sonicare toothbrush center around the following topics.

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Is It Unique?

At the end of this insight, you would have found Sonicare to be a class act among its peer.

First among its kind to engineer a toothbrush with high-tech and the only one that vibrates at 30k cycle per minute.

You can say a courageous goodbye to cavity formation that stems from having layers of tartar up there. You can, if a Sonicare machine is what vibrates against your mouth daily.

If you have made your decision already, I am sure it is glaring that its uniqueness is failsafe.

To make things even a bit more exciting, several models of Sonicare have been found in their activity and worthy of review.


Sonicare Essence


If you live to have a firm grip on the handle of your brush or you are just a bit old and may not be comfortable holding on to those tiny extensions, the Sonicare extension is your best bet.

These electric toothbrushes are vast and very active as it ranks high among all the types of Sonicare. It also comes with a two-minute timer. We feel this is on par with the Oral-B products. It makes a whopping 62,000 brush movements per minute with a back-and-forth brush motion. It also removes 10 times more plaque than a manual toothbrush along the gum line.

These less expensive sonic brushes are perfect to remove around teeth and gums which is way better than manual brushing. If you brush long-enough it ensures a great oral-hygiene. After 2-years you might want to get a new one.

This Philips sonicare toothbrush has a replaceable brush head which includes the tuning fork. This was one if the most unduplicated Sonicare toothbrush.

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Series 2 and Series 3

With the help of series 2 and 3, an update has been provided for the original product. The tuning 7works of both tools are inside the handle; this makes it quite easy to clean

Although both have so many similarities, series 3 is better characterized by things like a longer battery life, and settings intensity. We feel this is on par with the Oral-B products. The brush heads are made of soft bristles.


Sonicare Healthy White


Philips Sonicare fresh white is either one of the unknown types of a thus electric toothbrush. By using a Philips Sonicare sturdy white, you are at liberty to track your brushing habits using your smartphone. This is possible only because this machine uses a series of two technology and has Bluetooth through which a connection can be made to a smartphone.


Sonicare Diamond Clean


If you ever visit your dentist and find a Sonicare package in his office, think no further and wonder not long because it is precisely what it says it is- A Sonicare product! Only this time, what you have seen is a Sonicare diamond clean. This is what we send to dentists. Call it our professional flip or statement of marketing.

Philips sonicare diamondclean smart electric toothbrush is more fancy and fashionable, has a built-in USB charge, and is completed with a high-quality toothbrush head. Of course, there is no questioning or comparing the battery life with the others that have been mention. Even if it would be, here in one pack, you find a power unit. We feel this is on par with the Oral-B products. These sonic toothbrushes also come with a two-minute, pressure sensor and a travel case.


The quality brush head is popularly called the diamond brush heads.

Philips sonicare diamondclean smart electric toothbrush can be purchased differently, so there is no need to panic if a diamond clean is not your toothbrush type.


There are highlights and lowlights of this product, and it is a good day to shed light on some of them. With these sonicare models make sure you brush twice a day, and we feel this is the perfect brush to clean your teeth and most of the customer reviews 5-stars.


Useful For Reaching Hidden Parts Of Your Teeth


The sonic technology has put ample time into ensuring that one of the things that you will be able to achieve when you use the product is cleaning all the hidden spaces.

The machine is made of a sonic wave that allows easy access into hard to reach plaque cells.


Good For The Gums


If you have sensitive teeth, or you have your recessed and still can not help but push a little harder than average, Sonicare is the best toothbrush to pick up. Your gum is less sensitive to it because of its make up.

Better to clean between tooth spaces.

Some of us are blessed with spaces in between our dentition, and it is already far from perfect for us, using a Sonicare can complement this correctly in that those tiny spaces where food can hide can easily be reached by a Sonicare product. Some of these small spaces that come from getting old are unavoidable.

But, the pain that comes from having a food store up for long in these spaces can be avoided with the right Sonicare tool at hand.

It is almost as effective as flossing after the meal, if not more.

Lowlights of using a Sonicare product. The sonicare products come with a charging glass and the teeth will feel like it was professionally done and is great for gum health.


It Can Be Uncomfortable

The sensation of the sonic waves can get you out of your comfort space. It takes some getting used to before it stops tickling and causing you to want to turn away.

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A Faux Can Quickly Be Produced

Sonicare, unlike some other electronic toothbrushes, has many knockouts in use and sale. There is a need to be careful, or you get more than you bargained for.

The battery may not last.

This is another one of the cons to be wary of. What is the use of having a quality around that cannot last as long as we would want it to continue? Although there have been different angles towards the span of the battery, there is a reason to be worried, even if it is a little about the battery life of this product.

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