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Last Updated on February 18, 2023


Straight My Teeth review: Cheapest price, best customer service & best technology?


In our opinion, AlignerCo (And Straight My Teeth) are 100% the best options on the market right now for multiple reasons. In this Straight My Teeth in-depth review we will explain to you the reason why. We literally tested all the options out there to make sure to know exactly the differences between all of them and AlignerCo (if you live in America), and Straight My Teeth (If you live in Europe) is clearly the winner in the end.


Top reasons why Straight My Teeth is the best option.


wilw#1 The cheapest option on the market. If you live in Europe, Straight My Teeth is by far the cheapest option when it comes to at-home teeth-straightening aligners. If you live in America, then AlignerCo is your best choice.


#2 The greatest customer service on the market by FAR! If you like fast and reliant customer service, then you will love Straight My Teeth! You can literally chat with them directly and they will reply right away.


#3 Super thin and transparent aligners. We tested all of them and Straight My Teeth has the most transparent aligners out there with those from AlignerCo. When you invest in clear invisible aligners; you DON’T want anybody knowing you are wearing them right? Well, Straight My Teeth has you covered that regard. Nobody will notice you are wearing them.


#4 Full money-back guarantee. Most online teeth aligner companies refund the cost of your impression kits if for some reason you do not qualify for their clear aligners. However, with Straight My Teeth they take it a step further and states that you can also get a refund if you ARE approved but for some reason, you don’t like the projected results. You basically have nothing to lose.

#5 Free retainers. Some other companies will charge you for the retainer you need to wear at night in order for your teeth to stay straight forever. Other companies charge most of the time $200 for it.



Detailed pricing


Aligner Impression Kits

Straight My Teeth impression kits are free and come with 2 pairs of impressions.


upfront fast track kit

The complete package Includes everything in one purchase; including the impression kit, clear aligners, the set of retainers,  for only 799 Euros only!


invisible aligners

Their online invisible aligners cost 799 Euros but that additionally includes one set of retainers. Payment plans are optional and start at around 67 Euros per month, using a third party financing company.



Straight My Teeth provides free retainers with your clear aligners purchase.




Everybody’s smile is different so the duration of your treatment will depend on YOUR needs.  

The total length of the program depends on your particular situation, but on average the time span is around 20 weeks, wearing one set every two weeks.


Even if you have a super severe problem that requires a longer than an average timeframe, you will still pay 799 Euros!




Straight My Teeth is available only to countries in Europe. If you happen to live in America, you will want to check out AlignerCo. The reason why they sell so cheap is because they are a new company…They need to sell cheaper than the other at-home straightening aligners companies out there. Because they are new at-home aligners company, they need to focus on having the best customer service also.


Overall Experience


You will for sure be amazed by how everything happens so fast once you order. You will receive your impression kit a few days only after you make your payment, and you will get your aligners about one two week after you send them back your impression kit.




3 Easy Steps!

smilelove 3 steps


Step 1: Order your impression kit

Once you make your payment online, Straight My Teeth will send you an impression kit. It basically consists of you making a mold of your teeth and sending everything back to Straight My Teeth. The instructions are clear and the whole process takes about 15 minutes. You can expect to receive your impression kit a few days after you made your payment.


Step 2: Look at the preview of how your straight teeth will look like

Straight My Teeth will then send you a preview of what your straight teeth will look like when the whole process is completely done. You will 100% get really excited at this stage because you can SEE what it will look like once it is over. People that get braces don’t have the chance to see in advance how it will look like in the end so this is one of the advantages are going with at-home invisible aligners.

**With Straight My Teeth, if you don’t like how your teeth will look once the treatment is complete, you can simply ask for a refund and they will refund you. With the other companies, you would have to pay a penalty for that**

Here is an example of what you will receive:


smilelove treatment preview

You will be able to see the whole process on your computer from start to finish!

Again, with Straight My Teeth if for some reasons you are not satisfied with the treatment preview, you can get a refund. Other companies DON’T offer this. This is one of the reasons why we like Straight My Teeth so much.


Step 3: Get your aligners in the mail and start wearing them.

At this point you will get your aligners and you can proceed with your treatment. As we said earlier, You will  find it uncomfortable wearing them at first, but you will get used to them really quickly.


Before & After

smilelove before and after
smilelove progress
smilelove treatment progress
smilelove end result
smilelove reviews
smilelove aligners review
smilelove treatment reviews
review of smilelove
smile love review


In our opinion, Straight My Teeth is the best option on the market right now if you live in Europe. If you happen to be in America, then AlignerCo would be your best choice. They are the cheapest, they have the best customer service by far, and their aligners are super transparent.

The reason why they are cheaper is that they are new and they NEED to sell cheap and have super amazing customer service.

We hope this Straight My Teeth review was helpful for you and if you are still hesitant, remember that you can literally get a refund if you don’t like the final results so really you have almost nothing to lose.

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