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Last Updated on February 24, 2023



Toothbrush Hub Subscription: A Review 


In this post, you will find out if a toothbrush hub is a good option or not for you.


So what Is a Toothbrush Subscription Plan and do you need one?

Toothbrush Hub offers a subscription similar to what the competition is offering. You subscribe to their products and will send them to you every month or so, depending on what you order.

Toothbrush hub is a little different than the other subscriptions out there. Toothbrush hub sells toothbrush and brushes heads from OTHER companies, whereas the others sell their own in-house brush with their own brush heads.

From what we are seeing as we are writing this, toothbrush hub is not even selling electric toothbrushes on their website, they only sell brush heads.

Toothbrush hub might be a good service for you if you already own an electric toothbrush and you are looking to buy new heads.


In our opinion, the best toothbrush subscription on the market right now is the BURST one. They offer a super high quality toothbrush AND they offer heads for the brush. Check out our in depth review of them by clicking HERE.

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Getting Started with Toothbrush Hub


As we said, their website offers adult brushes, kids brushes, and electric toothbrush replacement heads. On their website they also sell toothpaste and floss…

Maintaining Your Plan


With the toothbrush subscriptions, you can cancel at any time. Once you subscribe, there is no contract, which means you can stop at any time. If you do not cancel, they will continue to send you your products and charge you every month, two months, or the frequency you choosed.


Should I get it?


Should you get Toothbrush Hub? In our opinion, there are better options out there. First of all, they do not provide you with an electric toothbrush, and you can only buy brush heads, normal toothbrushes, etc…

As we stated earlier, there are tons of toothbrush subscriptions on the market right now. CLICK HERE to read our full review of the best ones.

If you are looking for the best quality to price ratio on the market, then you should go with the BURST tootbrush. CLICK HERE for our in depth review of them.

BURST Electric Toothbrush with Charcoal Sonic Toothbrush Head, Deep Clean, Fresh Breath & Healthier...

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