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Uniform Teeth Aligners Review: Cheapest price, best customer service & best technology?


Uniform Teeth is an interesting new startup based out of San Francisco and Chicago that is causing a ripple effect in the field of sans wire orthodontics.

What makes Uniform Teeth aligners not the same as other clear aligners? How does the Uniform Teeth framework work? Furthermore, is it worth an attempt?

As usual, we’ve assembled the responses to those inquiries alongside different realities you have to know to settle on a keen choice about Uniform Teeth.

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Uniform Teeth Aligners Review: An Honest Opinion.


To begin with, here are a few realities about Uniform Teeth Aligners:

The Company

Uniform Teeth is a boutique orthodontic office that centers solely around treating patients with a uniquely crafted clear aligner plate.

Initially based out of San Francisco, CA, Uniform Teeth has an aggregate of four areas: two in San Francisco and two in Chicago, IL.

Programming specialist Henry Stewart and orthodontist Dr. Kjeld Aamodt established the startup in 2018 and Uniform Teeth has taken off from that point forward.

Uniform Teeth adopts the strategy of joining high-caliber in-person orthodontic care and consideration with the comfort of tech-based correspondence.

Their patients are guaranteed of getting the best consideration with as scarcely any visits to the workplace as could be expected under the circumstances.


As per the organization site, treatment with Uniform Teeth aligners can extend from $2,500 to $5,000. Uniform Teeth transparently recognizes that they aren’t the least expensive choice.

Be that as it may, they additionally call attention to how their methodology removes numerous pointless costs that make them more moderate than Invisalign and other in-office clear aligner medications.


Numerous treatment cases with Uniform Teeth aligners are finished within 6-8 months.


As of now, Uniform Teeth is just accessible in the United States and explicitly in four workplaces situated in San Francisco and Chicago.

Overall Experience

Up until this point, the audits for Uniform Teeth aligners are overwhelmingly positive. Here are only a few of the encounters shared on Yelp for the San Francisco Uniform Teeth area:

Shockingly I wasn’t a possibility for the teeth fixing; anyway I was satisfied with the legitimacy and learned of Dr. Yoo. Not exclusively did Dr. Yoo demonstrated to me the 3D X-Ray taken yet he calmly clarified my circumstance and suggested medicines. His staff is phenomenal. Companion, fun, and expert.
Cicero B.Posted 12/18/2019

My family consistently feels invited and agreeable to our arrangements. The client is first-rate consistently, from the second you ring the chime to enter, from the time on the dental seat, as far as possible of the arrangement. Continuously proficient and consistently kind. This is the norm! As far as the real clear aligners, I’ve seen such a great amount of progress in simply the 6 months I’ve had them on. The innovation and exact estimations they take at arrangements certainly show orthodontic care and pride they take at ensuring you will be at last content with the outcomes toward the finish of the treatment. I will refresh toward the finish of my treatment yet starting today, energetically suggested 100%.
Vern V.Posted 1/9/2020

Shockingly I wasn’t a possibility for the teeth fixing; anyway I was satisfied with the legitimacy and learned of Dr. Yoo. Not exclusively did Dr. Yoo demonstrated to me the 3D X-Ray taken yet he calmly clarified my circumstance and suggested medicines. His staff is phenomenal. Companion, fun, and expert.


How Uniform Aligners Works: Step-By-Step


Here’s the manner by which Uniform Teeth aligners work:

  • Visit a Uniform Teeth center for a free starting discussion
  • Have your teeth examined and x-rayed by the Uniform Teeth group
  • Discuss your orthodontic care needs and treatment plan with an ensured orthodontist
  • Get your unmistakable aligners
  • Check-in with your Uniform Teeth orthodontist over the span of your treatment by means of the organization application
  • Visit the Uniform Teeth facility one final time to survey your development and get a free orthodontic retainer

Uniform Teeth basically joins proficient in-office clear aligner treatment with the comfort and decreased expense of observing your advancement remotely, as different brands as Invisalign (you can peruse more data about it in our Invisalign audit).

There’s no requirement for many fortnightly tests so there’s no compelling reason to pay for many five-minute discussions.

What’s more, making things a stride farther than Invisalign, Uniform Teeth just recruits their own master orthodontists to assess patients and plan treatment. They don’t permit only any customary dental specialist to take a course and begin offering their item.

Uniform Teeth is a really special and modified experience that endeavors to give the patient the best of master orthodontic considerations without the additional expense.



Final Results: Uniform Aligners Before & After


How well do Uniform Teeth aligners really work?

Fundamentally, Uniform Teeth aligners work comparatively to other clear aligners by step by step fixing your teeth.

The thing that matters is that more consideration and individual customization go into them since you see a real orthodontist face to face to get your solution.

With a more altered methodology, your treatment may complete quicker than it would with an alternate organization that adopts a nonexclusive strategy and doesn’t altogether assess patients before providing the aligners.

This one-on-one methodology likewise permits the Uniform Teeth Aligners specialists to treat a more extensive scope of orthodontic issues with their aligners. For instance, they can apply connections, or “knocks,” that will upgrade the activity of the reasonable aligners, if fundamental.

Moreover, the Uniform Teeth group is pleased to give mindful treatment; by observing patients face to face, they can more readily assess their general wellbeing to guarantee that there are no previous issues like gum sickness or abscesses that would muddle orthodontic treatment.

On the off chance that they find issues during the underlying test, they will suggest patients complete required dental treatment before getting fitted for clear aligners.

Despite what might be expected, the American Association of Orthodontists has given an admonition about clear aligner organizations that don’t cautiously evaluate patients before giving them their orthodontic plate.

It could be risky to fix teeth based on a sweep or impression, alone since those symptomatic instruments don’t uncover what’s happening beneath the outside of the gums.


How Much Do Uniform Teeth Aligners Cost?


Presently we should get down to that immeasurably significant part of clear aligner treatment: the expense.

The group at Uniform Teeth urges people to concentrate more on their oral wellbeing needs instead of simply cost, alone.

They realize they aren’t the least expensive get-aligner organization out there, however, they don’t attempt to shroud that reality.

They’re centered around offering genuine consideration by genuine orthodontists and they realize that sort of treatment is important.

Uniform Teeth is so certain about the degree of orthodontic consideration they give that they even have an unconditional promise to get your money back.

At the point when you pick Uniform Teeth aligners, you are deciding to pay more for solid consideration that won’t endanger your wellbeing.

That is reasonable. In any case, we should be genuine here: cost is as yet a significant factor to consider.


How much might you have to pay for Uniform Teeth aligners?


The organization evaluates its treatment costs somewhere in the range of 2,500 to 5,000 USD.

This is absolutely higher than most clear aligner frameworks, however, it’s far not exactly Invisalign which begins at $3,000 and can cost upwards of $8,000.

Similarly, as with some other orthodontic treatment programs, the cost changes from individual to individual depending on the length and intricacy of treatment.

You can get a fundamental free gauge from the site by making an underlying profile, yet you’ll discover precisely what your treatment will cost when you book a free consultation at one of the Uniform Teeth areas.

Knowing the cost of this company, Alignerco (New company that costs only $1150) and Straight My Teeth (The cheapest company in Europe at $799 Euros) are obviously much more affordable options




Get Your Uniform Teeth Aligners At Home


To begin utilizing Uniform Teeth aligners, you’ll need to book a free introductory meeting at one of the organization’s geographic areas. Visit their landing page and snap on the catch “My Free Estimate” at the highest point of the page.

As they walk you through setting up a profile, you’ll notice that they right now have just two areas to look over for your treatment: San Francisco or Chicago.

In the event that you don’t live approach both of these urban areas, you’ll need to discover without a doubt that this treatment merits seeking after before you plan a cross-country trip.

So you’ll really start by downloading the Uniform Teeth application and sending in some fundamental selfies to the group.

An ensured orthodontist (one of just four in the group!) will investigate your grin and facial structure to get a primer thought of whether you fit the bill for Uniform Teeth. In the event that you do, they will assist you in setting up that free beginning discussion.

On the off chance that your teeth are a contender for Uniform Teeth aligners and you’re prepared to push forward with treatment, the group will print out your aligner arrangement that very day and send you home with them to start your excursion to a more beneficial and progressively excellent grin.


You’ll just need to visit the workplace once again to check your advancement toward the end or at whatever other time that you have a worry with your treatment.

So is Uniform Teeth the cheapest clear aligner option? No.

Is Uniform Teeth the most convenient clear aligner option? Again, no.

Be that as it may, the organization is focused on giving quality consideration at a sensible cost. On the off chance that you choose to get clear aligners from Uniform Teeth, you can almost certainly hope to have a sheltered and fulfilling orthodontic treatment experience.

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