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Last Updated on February 22, 2023

Vivera Retainers: Brutally Honest Review

vivera aligners

Vivera Retainer; What is it exactly?

The Vivera retainer is a set of clear retainers made by Invisalign. It is meant to maintain your teeth straight after you completed your Invisalign treatment.

You paid a lot of money fo to get straight teeth and the last thing that you want is for your teeth to get crooked again.

The Vivera retainer is a little bit thicker and stronger than the typical Invisalign aligners out there. Like all the other retainers out there, you have to wear it at night.


Invisalign vivera retainer


The Vivera retainers are made of Invisalign’s proprietary technology which consists of 3D imaging and thermoplastic material.

Included in their price are four clear aligners.

Some people that opted for a cheaper version than Invisalign like AlignerCo (check our review on them HERE) decide to pay for the Vivera retainer because they are high quality compared to the options out there.

Vivera Retainers Cost.

Yes, Invisalign Vivera retainers are more expensive than the regular ones on the market, but the cost of retainers can vary. They are definitely the premium option.

A lot of people think that you need to be an Invisalign customer in order to order the Vivera retainers but it is not true.

These days there are so many options out there that are cheaper than Invisalign.

Alignerco for example has:

  • The best customer service on the market
  • And they are also the cheapest!

You can get your aligners with Alignerco and then proceed to get the Vivera retainers for example.

As we are writing this, the average cost for the Vivera retainers is about $275, but keep in mind that this includes four sets of clear retainers.


How long do they last?


You can expect your Invisalign Vivera retainers to last about 3 to 4 years, which is much longer than the other ones out there.

They last longer because they are made of a much tougher material. In fact, they are about 30% stronger than the competition (source: The Align Lab).

If you read reviews online you will find that some people that went with cheaper options had to buy a new set of clear retainers because theirs started cracking after a few months.

How do you clean Vivera retainers?

You spent a lot of money on your retainers and you want to make sure they stay clean. The last thing you want is to catch an infection!

Did you know you can purchase a retainer cleaner for quite cheap? 

With this devise, it is super easy to keep your aligners super clean.

If you decide not to invest in this machine, then you want to make sure to wash your retainers with lukewarm water and gentle soap.

You can clean them with your fingers, by simply scrubbing off the bacteria and saliva.

Some people use their toothbrushes, but be aware that by doing so you will scratch your retainers.

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Vivera vs Essix Retainers

Essix  Retainers is another option on the market right now. Vivera is the premium option and Essix is cheaper and will not last as long.

You will notice that Essix retainers are much thinner and less durable.

We don’t recommend you to go with that option even if you are looking to save money. Each set of Essix retainers costs about $200.

With Vivera you are getting FOUR sets, so in the end, you are getting a much better deal with Vivera.

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