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Last Updated on February 27, 2023

Waterpik Aquarius Vs. Ultra: Which Is Better Water Flosser?


Using a water flosser is a popular way to remove the plaque and debris trapped between their teeth. Flossing is an essential part of your oral hygiene routine, and using a water flosser is a fantastic way to keep your teeth as healthy as possible.

Waterpik is one of the most reputable brands for distributing water flossers. However, choosing the right flosser for your daily routine can take time because they offer a few different options.

Please continue reading to learn the differences between the Waterpik Aquarius and the Waterpik Ultra. In addition, our guide will help you purchase the right water flosser for your dental hygiene needs.

Waterpik Aquarius Vs. Waterpik Ultra At a Glance

There are a few key differences you should bear in mind before choosing a water flosser for your daily routine. First, although Waterpik creates both flossers that we’re comparing, these are different products.


  • The Waterpik Aquarius is more portable than the Waterpik Ultra
  • The Waterpik Ultra has more storage space for flossing tips
  • The Waterpik Aquarius comes with a timer to make flossing easy
  • The Waterpik Aquarius is more expensive than the Waterpik Ultra

These are the fundamental differences you should consider when choosing your water flosser. You’ll need to consider your price range and the features you desire from your water flosser before you buy your product.

Waterpik Aquarius Advantages:

Waterpik Aquarius Professional Water Flosser Designer Series, Blue, WP-673

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  • Compact
  • Timer
  • Massage Mode

Waterpik Aquarius Disadvantages:

  • Expensive
  • Minimal Storage
  • No Automatic Shutoff

Waterpik Ultra Advantages:

Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser

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  • Affordable
  • Effective
  • More Storage

Waterpik Ultra Disadvantages:

  • Loud
  • Bulky
  • Minimal Features

Winner: Don’t want to read the full article? The editor’s choice is the Waterpik Aquarius.

Waterpik Aquarius Professional Water Flosser Designer Series, Blue, WP-673

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Waterpik Aquarius Advantages – In-depth


A compact water flosser makes it easier to bring it wherever you go. You won’t have to neglect your dental hygiene routine when you vacation or stay the night somewhere. You can easily pack this water flosser in your purse or luggage.


The Waterpik Aquarius comes with a timer that lets you know when you can stop flossing. Flossing too much or too little could be bad for your dental hygiene. This timer ensures you meet the minimum amount of time you should spend water flossing daily.

Massage Mode

Aside from the basic functions that make this water flosser popular, there’s also a massage mode that you can use. This mode adds a pulsating effect to the stream of water during your flossing session. Some people find this effect comfortable and calming. You’re more likely to partake when you are comfortable during your flossing session.

Waterpik Aquarius Disadvantages


The biggest downside of the Waterpik Aquarius is that it’s more expensive than the other option in this comparison. The Waterpik Aquarius usually retails for 20 extra dollars than the Waterpik Ultra. Some people don’t find the extra cloth worthwhile because These water flossers have the same end goal of keeping your teeth clean.

Minimal Storage

The Waterpik Aquarius has seven flossing heads that you can exchange To optimize your flossing routine. However, this water flosser has little storage for your flossing heads, so you may need to purchase a storage container. The lack of storage available on this water flosser can be inconvenient.

No Automatic Shutoff

Many people purchased the Waterpik Aquarius, assuming that there’s an automatic shutoff when the timer goes off. However, the timer notifies you when you have reached the minimum amount of time you should floss daily. You still have to turn the water flosser off when you’re done using it.

Waterpik Aquarius Professional Water Flosser Designer Series, Blue, WP-673

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Waterpik Ultra Advantages


The main benefit you should consider when purchasing your Waterpik Ultra is how much cheaper it is than the Waterpik Aquarius. Choosing a water flosser that falls within your budget is important to keep up with other expenses in your life. The Waterpik Ultra retails for $20 less than the Waterpik Aquarius.


No matter which water flosser you choose for your dental hygiene routine, they serve the same purpose. You can get a fantastic clean using the Waterpik Ultra on your gums and between your teeth. If your main concern is maintaining dental hygiene, then you can’t go wrong with the Waterpik Ultra.

More Storage

The Waterpik Ultra has plenty of storage for your extra flossing heads. You won’t need to purchase an extra storage container when you choose this option. So, you can bring your flossing heads with you anywhere you go without taking up extra room in your travel bag.

Waterpik Ultra Disadvantages


If you share a living space with others, you should be mindful when using the Waterpik Ultra. Unfortunately, this water flosser emits a loud noise while you take care of your teeth. So, if other people are sleeping nearby, it can interrupt their sleep and cause hostility between themselves and others.


Although you can still carry the Waterpik Ultra in your travel bag, it’s less convenient than carrying the Waterpik Aquarius. Due to its larger size, you might be more inclined to leave it at home if you stay the night somewhere else. In addition, this bulkiness can make it difficult to maintain dental hygiene if you travel frequently.

Minimal Features

The Waterpik Ultra doesn’t have as many features and flossing heads as the Waterpik Aquarius. Therefore, this water flosser is better for people looking for a basic model to care for their basic dental hygiene. However, if you’re looking for more luxurious features, you may want to upgrade it to the Waterpik Aquarius.

Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser

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What’s The Difference Between Them?

Waterpik Aquarius Vs. Waterpik Ultra

The Waterpik Aquarius offers more luxury and features than the Waterpik Ultra. For example, the Waterpik Aquarius has more brush heads and settings, and it’s easier to carry than the Waterpik Ultra. Both of these devices serve the purpose of getting plaque and debris away from your teeth. Therefore, we would describe the Waterpik Ultra as the base model and the Waterpik Aquarius as the luxury model.


The biggest thing people consider when making a buying decision is their budget. You must consider how much money you want to spend on your water flosser before purchasing so you don’t regret your decision. Setting a budget and staying within the restraints of that budget is the best way to make smart buying choices.

The Waterpik Ultra is $20 cheaper than the Waterpik Aquarius. So if you’re worried about affordability, you’d be better off going with the Waterpik Ultra. However, if you don’t mind spending the extra $20, having more features than the Waterpik Aquarius is a great option.

Verdict: The Waterpik Ultra Is better for people looking for a lower price.

Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser

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If you’re looking for a water flosser with plenty of features, then you’d be better off with the Waterpik Aquarius. This water flosser allows you to enable massage mode and set a timer to optimize your flossing experience. Some people have an easier time flossing when they have multiple features to assist them with this task.

Adding extra features to your water flossing experience is a great way to encourage yourself to use your flosser more often. Even though flossing is essential to your daily dental hygiene routine, many people skip this part because it’s tedious. You can take the tedious aspect out of this task by enabling multiple features.

Verdict: The Waterpik Aquarius has more features.

Waterpik Aquarius Professional Water Flosser Designer Series, Blue, WP-673

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The ease you experience transporting your water flosser can greatly impact how often you use this device. For example, if you travel often, you need a water flosser that’s easy to store in a small bag. Alternatively, if you have a larger water flosser, it could not be easy to take it along with you on certain trips.

The Waterpik Aquarius features a compact design, making it easy to bring it anywhere you go. So, if you go on frequent road trips or like to stay the night in other places, this is the best option for maintaining dental hygiene. You only realize how much you prioritize portability once it’s time to pack up and go somewhere other than home.

Verdict: The Waterpik Aquarius is more portable.

Waterpik Aquarius Professional Water Flosser Designer Series, Blue, WP-673

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Whenever you purchase a device, it would be best to consider how future-proof it is. Futureproofing devices means they are viable for the next few generations without getting a replacement. As a result, you can save more money when you purchase a future-proof device instead of an old-school device.

The Waterpik Aquarius is more future-proof than the Waterpik Ultra because it features a modern design and extra functions. However, the Waterpik Ultra is already an outdated model that the company will only make for a little longer. In addition, Waterpik Ultra will not stand up to future water flossing devices due to its basic design.

Verdict: The Waterpik Aquarius is future-proof.

Waterpik Aquarius Professional Water Flosser Designer Series, Blue, WP-673

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The biggest thing you need to worry about when purchasing a water flossing device is whether or not it works. You need a water flosser to get between your teeth and remove any food and gunk that you can’t reach with your toothbrush. Many people argue that water flossers perform better than standard string floss.

Both of these water flossers serve the purpose of removing plaque and food from your teeth. Therefore, you will get a clean mouth no matter which water flosser you choose. The only difference between these flossers is that one is more convenient than the other.

Verdict: These Waterpik devices tie in the effectiveness category!


The noise your water filter makes is a frequently overlooked purchase aspect. However, if you’re in a situation requiring you to be fairly quiet, running a noisy water flosser could be inconvenient. In addition, you don’t want to wake up other people and inconvenience them when taking care of your dental hygiene.

The Waterpik Aquarius is the quieter option of the two and allows you to operate it without disturbing other people in your home. So, if you share a living space with others, you are more likely to enjoy the Waterpik Aquarius. On the other hand, if you choose a noisy water flosser, it can be difficult to maintain your hygiene routine.

Verdict: The Waterpik Aquarius is quieter.

Waterpik Aquarius Professional Water Flosser Designer Series, Blue, WP-673

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If you feel uncomfortable using your water flosser, you’re less likely to reach for the device and take care of your dental hygiene. Many people experience sensitive teeth and gums but still need to floss frequently so the condition doesn’t worsen. Also, it’s normal for people to experience light bleeding the first couple of times they use a flosser, but it’s uncommon to experience this every time.

If you have sensitive teeth and gums, you should choose the Waterpik Aquarius because it has more settings and flossing heads. These features can help you remain comfortable during your dental hygiene routine, making you more likely to perform it. In addition, you won’t have to worry about bleeding as much when you use a comfortable water flosser.

Verdict: The Waterpik Aquarius is more comfortable.

Waterpik Aquarius Professional Water Flosser Designer Series, Blue, WP-673

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It would be best for you to choose a water flosser that’s easy to maintain. If you choose a water flosser that requires more maintenance, you’re more likely to throw it away without a second thought.

The Waterpik Aquarius is easier to maintain than other water flossers because it features a slidable button, so you can power it off easily. Meanwhile, the Waterpik Ultra has a clunky power mechanism that could demotivate you from using it.

Verdict: The Waterpik Aquarius requires less maintenance.

Waterpik Aquarius Professional Water Flosser Designer Series, Blue, WP-673

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Now that you understand the criteria we use to determine the winner, it’s no wonder that the Waterpik Aquarius is our pick. This water flosser features a modern design and multiple flossing heads for optimal cleaning. In addition, you can easily transition from one head to another to access more parts of your mouth.

To make your flossing experience easier, you can set a timer on the Waterpik Aquarius, so you always clean your teeth thoroughly. Flossing is an important part of your dental hygiene routine, and making this task easier will help you stay on top of your hygiene.

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