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Last Updated on February 19, 2023

What Color Should I Get My Braces?

What Colors Should I Get My Braces?


For a long time now we have lived with the famous braces, a fundamental element when it comes to fixing those small “problems” in the teeth that make us feel uncomfortable or unattractive.

Consulting a good dentist to advise you on the real need to put on braces and the one that best suits your situation is essential, as orthodontic professionals are best suited to help you.

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Types Of Braces?


Fixed brace: It is the most common type and is formed by wires, gums, and supports. The wires are fixed around one or more teeth, and the supports are attached to the outside of the tooth. As you press the arch, the teeth undergo traction and end up moving gradually to the correct position. To obtain the desired results, it is recommended that this type of device be adjusted monthly.

The good news of this type of brace is that, nowadays, they are lighter and smaller models, with a much less “metallic” appearance than in the past.

Self-ligating Brace: This device basically works like the previous one, but in this case, the braces are joined together without the use of elastic, joined only by a thread. It is a more interesting and effective aesthetic option, besides having, generally, a shorter period of treatment. These braces for men also have a higher value than the conventional ones.

Aesthetic Brace: In this type of device, the supports are made of transparent materials, such as sapphire and porcelain, which gives more lightness and also attracts less attention than conventional types.

Fixed lingual brace: The difference lies in the location of the appliance, which in this case is attached to the inside of the tooth. The main advantage is that it is much more discreet than any other type of brace. For the placement of a fixed lingual, a careful evaluation of the orthodontist is needed, which will take into account whether or not it is appropriate for your case.


What Colors Should I Get My Braces?


Normally, the great concern when placing braces is whether they will be seen very much or not. When placing a brace, over time, it becomes part of your day-to-day appearance, which is why choosing a color can be so difficult. Without a doubt, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with your choice.

A good idea of braces are those made of ceramic devices. They work in the same way as metal ones, but they are made to naturally camouflage themselves in the teeth. They are also ideal for very white teeth since they will hardly affect the dental aesthetics.

If you are one of those who uses braces and you just want a little discretion, we advise you to use a clear color. A metal brace can be used with clear elastics, almost imperceptible at first sight.

White may seem the obvious choice since the teeth are that color. However, white braces do not only make your teeth look yellow, but they get dirty quickly, especially if you drink dark beverages such as coke and coffee, which would cause the braces to lose their natural white and turn a yellowish color, which gives the sensation of poor oral hygiene.

A good option is to ask about Invisalign devices. Depending on the problem to be addressed, Invisalign devices can be an ideal option. They are transparent aligners that are placed on the teeth, almost imperceptibly. If your goal is to be as discreet as possible, this is the option for you.

The colors of braces are very varied and, although in general, most people look for something simple, you do not have to abdicate braces of more vivid colors, like blue because it doesn’t look great and takes away freshness from your smile.


Colors Of Braces According To Skin Colors


There are many different ways to determine the color of braces best for each person. You can choose based on what is your favorite color, the color that you most often use when dressing, what best matches your eyes … You can even vary since the rubbers are changed along with the use of braces.

In the case of changing color with a certain periodicity, you can do it based on the festivities of the moment, the tendencies, or in a random way to go testing different colors and experimenting with all the options.

Another great way is by choosing the brace according to your skin color. This entails:

Clear skin

If you have clear skin, the colors that will best fit your braces are blue, caramel, rosewood or salmon, pastel green, gold, bronze … That is very soft colors, with little intensity.

Cold colors will also be better than warm colors. Although if the warm ones are a little saturated, they will also be a good option to consider.

If your skin is also light, blond, or light brown, for example, cold colors are going to be the best decision. They will not stand out too much and are not very dirty so that they will look great with your face.

Dark skin

The most common colors in braces for people with dark skin are turquoise, orange, violet, or purple. They are colors that may seem too flashy. However, combined with your skin and your hair, the appearance will be fantastic.

In all, the best color choice for braces tends to depend on some major factors as highlighted above.


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